Travel For Vertigo Sufferers

Travel For Vertigo Sufferers

I mostly travel a lot by air for both mu personal and professional duties. While traveling I have met very interesting and experienced persons. On the base of my profession and my natural ability to communicate with others has led to many interesting topics.

Somehow Vertigo comes as a common topic for discussion. Most of the people say that while travel by both air and car causes them vertigo or it makes the vertigo condition worse.

Do you want to know about vertigo? When a person has vertigo he suffers from the symptoms like spinning that occurs due to the disturbance of balance. One should understand vertigo is not a disease but a symptom. There is no concrete reason for the cause of vertigo, it has variety of reasons.

Vertigo’s symptoms can include dizziness but not everyone with dizziness (lightheadedness) has vertigo. Vertigo is most often caused from a disorder in the peripheral vestibular system (inner ear structures). It can also be a result of a disorder in the central vestibular system (brainstem, cerebellum, vestibular nerve).

Due to Alfred Hitchcock classic most of the people confuse things between vertigo and fear of heights but both are different. This may due to the reason that symptom between both these conditions are bit common. An interesting fact many people who has the fear for height do not fear flying.

Vertigo problem happens suddenly and will last for less than a minute. Movements in head made suddenly are the major cause. BPPV is the most common type of vertigo but there different types vertigo.

After some weeks or months the attack can either stop or improve. Nystagmus (shaking of the eye), nausea, vomiting and sweating are the symptoms. Moreover, some times the attack can last bit longer. Your physician can diagnose properly and he can also suggest some head and neck exercises to prevent vertigo.

Most people who have this type of vertigo have no issue with the movement of travel but rather, the positioning of their head on the seat. This is what could bring on symptoms for these types of sufferers.

Vertigo can be temporarily created by vertigo. Therefore, while driving or flying alcohol should be avoided.

If a person is having this kind of vertigo then traveling can make this symptom worse. Anxiety or panic disorder can cause psychological disorder and in turn causes psychogenic However, psychogenic vertigo is not common.

The parts of inner that control balance can be affected by motion of travel. Motion sickness is also suffered by most travelers. Traveling in boat mostly causes this but it can also caused by tarveling in auto and plane.

The outburst of symptom is quick as vertigo. The symptoms include nausea, dizziness, headache, cold sweats, hyperventilation (which could lead to faintness) and usually vomiting.