Travel Tips – Visit Historical Peru

Travel Tips – Visit Historical Peru

There are many reasons to visit Peru. It may be for that long-awaited dream vacation, or a visit to family and friends. I am planning a trip to Lima, the exciting capital city, in the near future. I currently reside in New York City, and enjoy city living. The thought of visiting Lima, another exciting city, and the planning of my travel itinerary, is an exciting time for me.

Peru is south of the Equator and summer begins December. At that time, airfare increases 50% to 75%. Flights priced under $450 in June, can go up to the $2000, in December. Seasonal travel deals and getaway prices fluctuate almost constantly, so the timing of your trip is everything.

When booking your travel, keep in mind that June, September, and October will offer you travel deals and getaways offering more reasonable airfares. The average temperature for that time of year, will be between the 50 and 70 degrees.

An excellent suggestion, when planning a trip such as this, is to locate and review travel guides and literature. This will assist you in deciding what interests you most about Peru, and where you’d want to concentrate your travel time, and activities. There is so much you’ll find, whether it be an adventure tour or one of the many tourist attractions Peru offers. … The legendary Incan civilization is well-known, however, Incan civilization offers so much more than the spectacular Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley and city of Cusco.(elevation 11,200 ft. above sea level and once the capital of the ancient Incan civilization.

The recently discovered, but rarely visited Inca site of Choquequirao is now accessible to visitors. To the north, there are complex cities of Moche, Sican and Chimu, which were erected by pre-Incan societies. Their treasures and pyramids continue to amaze researchers.

The oldest city in the Western Hemisphere, Caral, is located just three hours from Lima. In the south, the Nazca lines present one of the world’s great archaeological mysteries, and in the highlands around Lake Titicaca, populations of Quechua, Aymara and Uros honor centuries-old traditions.

Before you begin your on-line search for travel deals, getaways and vacation packages, there are some guidelines I suggest you follow to secure the best travel deals.

1. Be flexible. The lowest fares are usually for Black Cock Shock travel, generally Mondays through

Thursdays. Also, non stop flights to Lima, Peru are the most expensive. Look into connecting flights or stop-over flights, as a money-saver.

2. Book your travel on line, with advance purchases of at least one to three weeks.

3. Don’t count on last-minute travel deals. Eleventh-hour travel deals are becoming increasingly scarce, so don’t rely on finding the best fares at the last minute.