Post Earring Pros and Cons

Post Earring Pros and Cons

Post earrings consist of a metal rod that passes through your pierced ear. The metal rod usually has a gem or a piece of jewelry attached at the end to enhance its beauty, and its design is how it differs from stud earrings. The post’s end usually has a back to keep the earring in place.

Type of Backs in Post Earrings

There are two main types of backs in post earrings. They include;

  • Post-back/ butterfly backs
  • Screw backs

What Is a Post-back Earring?

Post-back earrings are one of the most popular backs for studs and light drop earrings. It consists of a metal rod with jewelry attached at the end. A back holds the earring in place at the other end of the rod. 

The backs, sometimes referred to as butterfly or push-back, keep the earring in place. Most people find these backs ideal and easy to wear because they require a few actions to put on.

What Is a Screw-Back Earring?

A screw-back earring is similar to a butterfly back earring, except that the rod and the back are threaded. The threads allow you to screw in the back rather than just pushing it into place. It secures your earrings in place, making it difficult to lose them. 

Some of the other earrings can come off without you feeling it, while it is almost impossible for a screw-back to come off without you noticing. However, the screw-in process might take a bit longer than butterfly backs.

The Pros of a Post Earring

Wearing a post earring comes with several advantages, they include the following;

  1. Post earrings are fun. They are exciting to wear and will boost your confidence throughout the day. A sharp look is known to increase people’s self-esteem. Earrings are one of the most common accessories that significantly improve your style.
  2. Post earrings are easy to wear. They require little effort to put on; they only add a little to your dressing time. Their simple design makes them ideal for all ages. You can wear matching sets with your child.
  3. The earrings can complement your clothes, giving you a more stylish look. You can match post earrings with most clothes. Both formal and casual wear work well with post earrings. 
  4. Post earrings are well secured; they do not easily come off. You can buy and wear expensive earrings, and you don’t have to worry about losing them. Some other earring designs can easily come off without you noticing, which is devastating if the earring has a high price tag.
  5. They come in many forms. You can choose from inexpensive to expensive earrings depending on your budget. You also have a wide variety of jewelry you can choose for your post-earrings. 
  6. Due to their simple design, they cannot easily get attached to someone’s clothes or get caught in something. Sometimes, earrings can accidentally get stuck on someone’s clothing, which can be very inconvenient and discomforting.

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Cons of a Post Earring

Post earrings are fun to wear. However, they come with a few disadvantages you should consider when buying and wearing one. 

The disadvantages include the following;

  1. They require piercing. Even though it is a standard and straightforward process, piercing comes with some pain. Most people do not enjoy the pain. If you are the kind that hates pain and piercing, you might have a hard time with post-earrings.
  2. You can get an infection. Since the post-earring requires the ear’s piercing, it is easy to get an infection if you are not careful with the process. You should ensure there is proper sterilization during piercing. Cheap earrings made of poor materials can also infect the ear.
  3. Most of the earrings are of medium and small sizes. Once you remove them from your ear, they can easily get misplaced. Post earrings require you to be careful when handling and storing them. It would be best if you had a special place to keep them to ensure they don’t get lost.
  4. You need to wear them for long periods to ensure your ear piercings do not close off. If you do not wear the earrings for a long time, the holes can close, requiring you to go through the piercing process again.
  5. Some designs can get caught when wearing or removing your clothes. Since they are not bulky, it’s easy to forget you have them on. You should be careful when wearing some of your clothes to avoid the post earrings from being attached to them.

Are Post Earrings Worth It?

Yes. Post earrings are fun and easy to wear. They will complement your look and give you more confidence throughout the day. You can match them with almost all of your clothing. It is hard to go wrong with post-earrings. However, you should be careful and ensure the type you wear doesn’t infect your ear.