Braided Wigs of Niche Style Show Your Personality

Braided Wigs of Niche Style Show Your Personality

Now in the field of hairstyle fashion, braided wig modeling has become too hot. The thin braids of various colors, or the small braids of full head braids, make up the braided hairstyle, which looks very personal and bright. Although the dirty braid looks very fashionable and good-looking, it is actually a work that takes a lot of patience. No matter in the design process or the care process, it needs to be very careful. but the braided wig can help you avoid this kind of trouble. Having braided wigs also gives more African girls the freedom to easily choose their favorite hairstyles. In addition to many popular hairstyles, with the development of wig technology, there are several braided wigs, which completely refresh the impression of many African girls on Braided wigs. The braided hairstyle can also be like this! If you create such a hairstyle and fashionable wear out of the street, I am sure that you will have a 100% high rate of admiring glances, which may make you delighted secretly while at a loss! Niche hairstyle is a kind of beauty based on the aesthetic changes of the public, so try different styles of braided wigs below!

4 Niche Style Braided Wigs:

Look 1: Gypsy Locs

Gypsy aesthetics is very feminine, it has a lot of gorgeous decorative elements, so in the gypsy braided wig, some fringes, lace, metal, and other decorations will be added. The fashion world’s obsession with the Gypsy style goes on year after year. Gypsy fashion makes customers yearn to travel to distant countries and meet Gypsies because this kind of life does not exist in any civilized society. Gypsy symbolizes freedom and individuality. They recycle all kinds of things, just like the ultimate flea market. Rope and gold can also be mixed together. So ribbon and metal can naturally be used in braids on their head. In the eyes of designers and fashionable women, Gypsy fashion represents the ideal life state of wealth and random, while in real life, those gypsies who are discriminated against because of poverty and living in no fixed place have nothing to do with fashion. However, it has to be denied that the gypsy style has been very popular. This Gypsy braided wig is romantic and mysterious gray, decorated with blue and white ribbons. What’s more attractive is that different kinds of braids are curled in different ways, tightly wound or wavy. It’s very free and personalized.

Look 2: Senegalese Twist

Senegalese twist is also called Havana twist, like the gypsy style, the Senegalese style is also popular from a nation. A side water and soil raises a side people, There are also some places in Africa where beautiful women and handsome men are recognized: Senegal is a famous home of beautiful women in Africa, while Mali, its neighbor, is famous for its rich production of handsome men. We all know that beautiful Senegalese women are very fashionable and beautiful. The women here dress up to show their beauty. At the same time, in Senegal, where the tourism industry is developed, it is also to attract tourists. A slender, chocolate-skinned Senegalese woman usually likes to wear fancy with striking colors, and they are always full of feminine charm. Therefore, the Senegalese twist is especially suitable for women to choose. This Senegalese twist is composed of thin and dense braids. The most distinctive feature is the small curls like screws at the end of the hair. They make the whole short hair Bob fluffy and make you look playful and romantic. If you go to the seaside on holiday, try this braided wig. It’s so beautiful! You can wear a long skirt with bright color or ethnic style, red flowers or straw hat on your head, and then you will become a beautiful woman with natural wild flavor and elegance.

Look 3: Cornrow Braid

Does this cornrow braid make your scalp look like delicious black corn? Some girls will worry about whether this kind of hairstyle requires too high quality wig, but if you choose a full lace wig, you can make your cornrow braid look lifelike to a large extent, just like the cornrow braid made from your own scalp. Cornrow braid is the best for some girls with soft hair and small hair volume, but with a cornrow braid wig, you can easily get such a neat and uniform hairstyle without any restrictions. Cornrow braid is a very sweet fashion braided hairstyle, and when you touch it, the hair feels so smooth and it also easy to take care of. It won’t be entangled like other fluffy braids. This is also a hairstyle very easy to choose clothes, almost no style is it can not ride.

Look4: Kinky Twist

This is a kinky&Havana twist braided wig, haven’t you seen braids of this style for a long time? Thick braids in the shape of spirals hang over the shoulders in varying lengths, make you look rough and energetic. Many African girls don’t want to compete with your good friends when they choose wigs, you can try this kinky twist! As a braided wig fan, do you want to have different braids every day? But a lot of braid style we are getting tired of. Don’t worry, this kind of cool style can easily bring a sense of fashion. And the weather is getting hot, long hair girl’s hair is not only muggy, but it’s very embarrassing that the hair sticks to our face. But this unique kinky braid shape can be firmly fixed. It’s braided from the top of the head and always in the air to make your neck breathe. How can this kind of hair not be loved by hipsters?


After the introduction of four kinds of niche style braided wigs, I wonder if there is a hairstyle that moves you? I hope today’s summary can let you know more about these special braided wigs. Hairstyle is very important to our overall collocation. Hair is at the top of our whole body, so we attach great importance to hair. But I want you guys to jump out from the comfort zone and try different styles, and be the unique yourself finally.