Essential Summer Pieces for Today’s Stylish Young Women

Essential Summer Pieces for Today’s Stylish Young Women

Today’s stylish young women can do whatever they want in terms of fashion preferences. They know that a good fit and quality craftsmanship is often better than a designer label in the wrong size, and they know which inseams, fabrics, and pieces that look best on them. From the silky softness of a cashmere dress, to the ultra-cool look of vegan leather shorts, today’s stylish women love what they are wearing and summer is the perfect time for them to express their passion for fashion.

Here are some essential summer pieces for stylishly modern young women this year:

Body Suits- end the nagging question of ‘what should I wear’ and reach for a black bodysuit. Form fitting and stylish, Amber Noir’s Second Skin Turtleneck Bodysuit is an essential every woman should have in their wardrobe.

Trendy Blazer- a blazer can be worn for both casual and upscale events. A stylish blazer helps create a versatile smart casual look, especially when paired with a luxury handbag. Pair your blazer with white t-shirt and pants with matching colours. Amber Noir’s signature Hourglass Tweed Blazer features padded shoulders, exaggerated lapels, and moulded hips for a stylishly, elegant look.

Vegan Leather- high quality leather apparel gets better with age. The newest trend in modern leather is vegan-friendly, sustainable leather processing. Amber Noir’s pleated vegan leather shorts are as much a statement piece as they are stylish and flattering.

Black Pants- for women of any age group, black pants can be part of their signature look. Just like white t-shirt, it’s a foundational piece that can work well with many of your favourite outfits.

Perfectly-Fitted Jeans- regardless of the look you are going for, every woman should have at least one pair of dark denim jeans in their wardrobe. When buying denim, there’s always one rule to follow, go with what looks good on you. For young women, it’s recommended to wear perfectly-fitted jeans, regardless of the brand. Jeans that fit like a glove are versatile in many situations.

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