Are Boxers Good For Women To Wear?

Are Boxers Good For Women To Wear?

Traditionally, boxers have been considered men’s underwear. Women have had their own underwear, and for the last few decades, those have mainly been panties and thongs. A growing number of women have started to prefer how boxers feel, and until recently women had to wear men’s boxers if they wanted to wear boxers at all. These days underwear companies produce boxers specifically for women, and those women that love wearing boxers rejoice in knowing that there is a type of boxer specifically designed for their bodies. But are boxers good for women to wear? A question that crosses many people’s minds every day that we hope to shed some light on for you.

Women in Boxers, For Better or Worse?

While women wearing boxers is a relatively new phenomenon, it is perfectly understandable why they might want to wear boxers. For the men among us that prefer boxers, it’s clear as day why women in growing numbers may prefer the comfort that having legs on your underwear provides. Now, women wearing boxers isn’t bad for them at all. They’re just like any other underwear, and the biggest difference between panties and boxers is the legs. The legs that boxers have helped a lot with chafing, which is especially useful for women that have larger thighs.

The only thing that women’s underwear has to do that men’s underwear doesn’t, is really have some way to deal with discharge. Discharge is slightly acidic and can bleach underwear, so women’s underwear usually has to have an extra layer under the genitals to make sure that their underwear isn’t discolored, and thus ruined.

Why Women Like Boxers

Women like boxers for a lot of the same reasons men do. They can help avoid chafing, are good for sports, are ideal for sleeping, provide support to your buttocks, crotch, and upper thighs; however none of these are the biggest reason why many women prefer boxers nowadays. This reason may not be one that you would immediately guess if you’re a man:  but boxer briefs don’t show panty lines. Many women consider it a fashion faux pas to have clear visible panty lines showing through their pants.

Women want a lot of the same things men want in underwear, and that’s comfort. If your underwear makes you uncomfortable you’ll be less likely to have that natural confidence that you need to seize the day to its full potential. Subconsciously everyone is looking for a natural type of confidence, as confidence makes people think you know what you want, how you’ll get it, and that you know exactly what you’re doing. Even when you don’t actually know any of those things, confidence will make you appear as if you do and that’s what a lot of people are looking for in business, romance, and even platonic relationships. Confidence is a major player in your success, and having underwear that makes you feel comfortable is an important step to making sure that you can act as confidently as you can.

Women Wearing Boxers May be the Norm of the Future

Every year more and more women ditch their panties for boxers or “boy shorts” and though the reasons vary from woman to woman, comfort is always one of the driving forces in this choice. No one should be forced to wear a kind of underwear that doesn’t cater to their comfort needs, whether it’s panties, boxers, or one of the other cuts of underwear. Your body knows what kind of support it needs from the underwear you wear, so it’s important to listen to what it wants to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout the day.