Best Virtual try-on glasses for Women/Men at VisionDirect

Best Virtual try-on glasses for Women/Men at VisionDirect

VisionDirect is one of the most leading eyewear retailers in Australia that comes up with some great eyewear options for all men and women worldwide. It is an online retail store that takes care of your eye health and considers your eye health. It helps you choose the best eyeglasses and sunglasses for you through its online virtual try-on tool that perfectly matches your face shape.


1. Taking a Selfie Video

VisionDirect provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to take a five-second selfie video simply through your mobile phone or laptop. All you have to do is to provide it with an accurate face reading by turning your head right and left from the webcam of your laptop or mobile phone.

2. Trying out the glasses

After providing your selfie to VisionDirect, filter by ‘virtual try-on’ in the special feature option. You will see all the available options listed there when you’ll start using the VTO tool. Next, navigate to the product page where you can click ‘selfie view’ and then move on further to try on your glasses.

Think you’re ready? Give VisionDirect a try and try out its most advanced and amazing glasses try-on tool now to explore the new and trendy design that fits perfectly to your face shape. If you think there is still more to explore before you get started with the VisionDirect, continue reading further to know more about our selfie tips and style suggestions.

Some best Virtual try-on glasses for Women

Completely fascinated by all the descriptions but still not sure where to start? Consider trying these best-quality glasses for women.

Gucci GG0275S glasses.

These are undoubtedly some of the best eyeglasses women can wear to get a trendy look. The cat-eye shape is perfectly compatible with modern fashion trends.

Dolce & Gabbana DG2211

If you think the cat-eye glasses are not of your type, then try out these tinted gold frame sunglasses that are exceptionally fun and fabulous to wear.

Prescription Glasses

To keep your eye health intact, get a pair of super-cool blue light blocking glasses that perfectly do their work. These help you avoid any digital eye strain that you may get through your continued usage of the computer or mobile screen. Tom Ford FT5401 would be the best option for you as they are equally stylish and elegant blue light blocker. You can add the blue light blockers like zFORT™ to their attractive lenses during your checkout process.

Some best Virtual try-on glasses for men

1. Ray-Ban

Why not consider starting with Ray-Ban virtual try on? The Clubmaster sunglasses come with an iconic design and make a perfect choice for men all the time.

2. Arise Collective Gold Coast specs

Never ignore your need to buy the best blue light glasses that are good for your eye health. Considering this, try out these amazing Gold Coast specs by Arise Collective in navy blue that come with a trendy new style for all men. Don’t forget to add the blue filter protection layer while you are checking out, as it will protect your eyes from the blue light effects.

With VisionDirect, you are free to shop at more than 180 best quality designer eyewear brands without leaving your home. All you have to do is search online for your desired brands and specs just using your smartphone or laptop while being anywhere in the world. Here you will get all the glasses at affordable prices. Do not forget to benefit from the virtual try-on to upgrade your online sunglasses shopping experience and make it easier and more fun.