5 Reasons to Carry a Compact Hairbrush

5 Reasons to Carry a Compact Hairbrush

You carry just about everything but the kitchen sink in your purse, but do you carry a compact hairbrush?

Not every woman does, but they should. A portable brush is a lifesaver on many occasions. Not only is it convenient, but it’s healthy for your hair, and makes you look and feel your best. Every woman should have one in her purse.

Not convinced? Here are our top five reasons to carry a travel brush in your purse.

You can Fix your Hair

No one has perfect hair or hair that stays perfectly styled all day long. Even if you aren’t out in the wind, just moving around messes up your hair. When you have a travel hairbrush with you, it’s easy to get those out-of-place hairs back in place or to fix your style.

Whether you are on your lunch hour and want to spruce yourself up again, or you are out running errands, it’s a great way to give yourself a quick touch-up and get on with your day.

You’ll Stimulate your Hair and Scalp

Did you know you’re supposed to brush at least once each morning and night? Life gets busy and we sometimes forget. When you have a compact hairbrush with you, it’s easy to pull it out of your purse and brush your hair.

Not only are you getting your hair back in place, but you’re stimulating the scalp which promotes proper blood flow. This encourages hair growth, and a healthy scalp overall. When you stimulate the scalp, it produces natural oils, which help keep your scalp and hair healthy. Not brushing your hair enough could leave it dry and even thin out.

You can Eliminate Tangles

Everyone’s hair gets tangled, whether you have short or long hair – just going about your daily life causes tangles. If you leave the tangles untouched, they create more of a mess and even cause breakage. When you finally get to your hair at the end of the day, it takes longer to detangle it and get it ready for the next day.

If you leave tangles untouched it can also cause breakage. The harder you have to push through your hair, the more hair that breaks. If you aren’t careful, working from the bottom up, you could make more of a mess of your hair. Carrying a portable brush eliminates this issue.

It’s a Cute Accessory

Women are all about accessories and when you carry a cute portable brush, it’s even more fun. Why not have a little fun with your grooming tools, right? Life is tough right now for so many, that we could all use a reason to smile.

Watch faces light up when you pull out a cute hairbrush from your purse to fix your hair. It can be a conversation starter or just a reason to make you smile on a tough day. We could all use a little more of that.

It Gets you Through Long Days

If you work in any sort of public setting, especially hospitals right now, you are likely worn out. Having a portable brush with you helps lift you up in several ways.

  • Brushing your hair is stimulating and may help wake you up
  • It helps you look and feel refreshed making it easier to get through your day
  • It’s a simple way to make you smile on those tough days

Carry a Travel Brush with you and Make your Day Better

Everyone should carry a compact brush with them. It’s a wonderful way to feel like you’re back to yourself. Whether you’re taking care of kids, taking care of hospital patients, or just running errands, there’s always a reason to reach in your purse and grab a portable brush.

Choose a brush that’s cute, multi-functional, and of course sturdy for the best results. Your hair, health, and overall mindset will thank you for this little tool you carry with you to bring a smile to your face and put your hair back in order.