404 Error Pages: What Are They And How Do You Create One?

404 Error Pages: What Are They And How Do You Create One?

We’ve all seen them, you’ve been browsing a internet site and https://tweetboard.me/ you click on a hyperlink and not anything masses other than the words ‘404 Error’ in conjunction with the usual stuff.

So what’s a 404 Error page? The 404 Error web page, essentially informs the consumer that the server cannot discover the report they’re seeking out. However, in preference to the usage of the default 404 Error web page you could create your personal, that is how you do it.

First, you need your .Htaccess document which need to be within your web website online directory. If you can not discover it you’ll want to create one. You will should contact your host asking them how you will move approximately developing or modifying this report. They might also want you to apply a textual content editor and then upload it, or they may need you to apply a PICO editor and create or edit the document on the server.

How you’ve got access to the .Htaccess record we could edit it. Add this line to the .Htaccess record:

Make positive this line is stored on on line. This is wherein your 404 Error web page is kept.

Now you’ve exchange the .Htaccess file you want to create the page. This is truly a everyday HTML document. Once you’ve created the HTML file, save it and call it 404page.Html. Now the following step is to upload the .Htaccess document and the web page to the server.

Now that is executed your subsequent step is to turn it on. This is performed by using putting the CHMOD attribute to 644. You can do this thru telnet or some FTP applications. If your going to telnet into your server, use the subsequent command:

chmod 644 .Htaccess

Now take a look at to peer if it’s worked. Just visit a web page that doesn’t exist to your server and also you should see your new 404 Error web page. If not, then make sure the CHMOD is set efficaciously, and if that doesn’t assist, you could want to ask your website hosting agency for support.