That Dust on Your Car May Soon Be Smarter Than You Think?

That Dust on Your Car May Soon Be Smarter Than You Think?

Here is a concept to get this topic began. A concept on a smart dust layout. The smart dirt can have with a purpose to live airborne for lengthy eriods of time. I turned into considering cleaning off a vehicle which really had hightech SmartDust on it? God made dust on the primary day right? Well, sure because the story is going he made the Heavens and the Earth and he made that out of dust. So as guy turns into God, he’ll need to make first things first. So perhaps the concept of creating dirt is truly a very noble step for mankind indeed.

A piece of clever dirt as the muse. What wouldn’t it seem like? I become considering a small flying insect or a daisy fashioned tiny unit 1-3mm through 1-2 mm, semi-perpetual in flight? Here is the fundamental idea as I explained it to the scientists operating in this in D.C. And at berkeley. How about this layout for a Daisey-Starfish-Ladybug-smart dirt unit? It might be suspended in a particle laser beam and use for anything and stay afloat for days similar to the bugs which cross the Pacific at 10,000 plus toes AGL at some point of El Nino.

Part II of the idea: My mind are a cup shaped bottom and pinnacle in case it tips over with the wings just like that photo? If could stay aloft, be made from that NASA Foam stuff, floating around. Material memory contrary way on each other pedal. When the sun warmness up it climbs and slowly falls as the air receives cooler. 2 degrees in step with thousand ft as you pass up in altitude. This way you make the cloth memory set for the ambient temperature at some point of that point of yr in the place?

Part III of the concept: Okay right here it’s far. Take that photo and make the devise out of the NASA Foam, with petals which stick out like a Daisy. Each pedal has a small thin cord in it which has fabric memory the other way. A small cup indentation on pinnacle and botton, it flies either way because the wind flips it round. Now the controllable sensor and eye or slingshot fashion nodes to transfer records might be within the middle of gravity of this little flying spec of dust the size of a nat.

The solar heats up the pedals to start shifting round. Each of the guidelines of the pedals are magnetized to repel, so they flow up and down forever? And a particle laser beam can preserve them up whilst the solar does no longer come out? This will paintings or a variant in this concept could paintings?

Other thoughts have been thrown out as well a polymer bubble with a small micro-mechanical device inside.

Another idea I had was a bit of NASA foam which had a micro-mechanical tool in facet. They could be manufactured in blockes and cut like a block of cheese in a cheese grader just like the guilotine chopping block. The block or bar of foam could have implanted with a a unique tool every micro-mechanical tool the right intensity in it after which the froth is pushed thru a grid cutter tool and chopped and then driven and chopped and pushed and chopped. The Foam could be CO2 blown foam 95% with 3% micro-mechanical tool and a pair of% polymer. When the day warmth up it the little bubbles and trapped CO2 might heat up and increase and glide away. The dust 1.5 mm through 1.Five mm cubes. Inside will be the conversation gadgets which would transmit on light waves and be fully functional and will deliver masses of records.