What is the Story Behind Roge Cavaillès?

What is the Story Behind Roge Cavaillès?

One of the most interesting things about buying French skincare products is that you’re usually buying from a company that has a whole lot of history behind it. The French have always taken their skincare products very seriously, so it makes sense that so many companies have history.

Many fans of French skincare products enjoy knowing the history behind the companies that they’re buying products from. It’s nice to hear the origin stories of these companies, both for inspiration and just so they can have a better understanding of the products that they use.

Some companies have relatively short histories. Maybe they were established in 2002 and made it big a few years later after a highly calculated marking campaign. On the other hand, some companies really fought tooth and nail over a long period of time to get to where they were.

Every company has its own unique origin story, and each story can vary a lot. Which one do you think Rogé Cavaillès is? It can be hard to tell if you don’t know the full story, which is why we went ahead and did the digging for you so that you wouldn’t have to.

Whether Rogé came from humble beginnings or was the result of a team of expert marketers that knew what they were doing, we’re going to figure out once and for all, together. By the time we’re done here, we’ll all know about this origin story, at least enough to tell our friends.

What Does Rogé Cavaillès Make?

If you’re not familiar with this brand, you might need a bit of a crash course into the kinds of products that they make before you can feel confident enough to move on to their origin story. This is important to really understand the depth of the things that happened.

Rogé Cabailles is a company that comes out of France, as you might have gathered from the introductory section of this article. When you see that any kind of skincare product comes out of France, you know it’s going to be good.

This company makes a wide variety of products, for example:

  • Soap (this was their original product)
  • Shower gel.
  • Cleansing gels.
  • Dermatological soap bars.
  • Wipes for your more intimate areas.
  • Cleansers for your more intimate areas.
  • Deodorant
  • Moisturizing skin creams.
  • Moisturizing hand creams.
  • Body milk.
  • Body spray.

These products were created with people who have especially dry skin in mind. Even so, these products can be used by anyone, regardless of the type of skin that they happen to have. If you have oily skin, you can also easily find products from this company that can help.

These products are all designed to help you get clean, stay smelling good, and keep your skin as healthy as possible all at once. These are some of the biggest reasons why this company does so well all over the world and why so many people absolutely love their line of products.

Where Did Rogé Cavaillès Come From?

Everything has to have a beginning. You can’t make something out of nothing, and because of the way that time works, that means that even Rogé Cavaillis, as eternal as they may seem, had a beginning of its own. But where and when was that beginning?

To tell you this tale, we’re going to have to hop into a time machine. The year? 1855. The location? France, but we’ve already established that for you. Let’s look at the state of the world and of France so you can have a better idea of the time:

  • Napoleon had just died 29 years earlier after being exiled.
  • The American Civil War was just 6 years away.
  • The Bunson Burner was invented.
  • China, Britain, and France were fighting the Taiping Rebellion.
  • The first black and white film was still 23 years from coming out.

That is the world in which our story today takes place. At this time, there happened to be a small pharmacy owned by a Mr. Rogé. During the year of 1855, he decided to sell his pharmacy to a young man who was looking to buy. That young man’s name? Mr. Cavaillès.

Mr. Cavaillès took the pharmacy and ran with it, immediately looking to get into the soap-making business. He started getting to work to figure out the best formulas possible in order to make great soap that smelled good, helped its users maintain healthy skin, and be actually clean.

Roge Cavailles Nourishing Body Milk for Dry Skin – frenchpharmacy.com

It didn’t take too long for this to catch on in France. In fact, Mr. Cavaillès’ soaps were pretty common in a lot of major cities all around France. It didn’t take long before his company was bought out by another company, but the same name lives on to this very day.

It did take a while for their products to reach the international market. It wasn’t until 1924 that you could find their products on shelves in countries other than France. That might sound like an extraordinarily long time today, but there’s a big piece of information that you have to keep in mind.

They didn’t have the internet back then, so things like soaps weren’t as easily traded internationally. Of course, today any French skincare company can just start a website and immediately start selling their products internationally, assuming that they have a big enough customer base for that.

Back in the late 1800s, they didn’t even have anything that was somewhat comparable. The closest thing you had was the mail, and that was nowhere near as fast or reliable for finding out about new products as the internet is. Things took a lot longer to get from one side of the globe to the other.

In fact, when Mr. Cavaillès was first creating his soap the telephone still hadn’t been invented yet, and the first international phone call didn’t happen until 1927. France and any country outside of Europe were still lightyears apart for the most part.

Of course, there might have been some very rich people in the United States that had this company’s soap, but people that had the resources to get their hands on fancy French soap that also cared enough to do so were few and far between in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The fact that despite there being no infrastructure for international communications to be done other than by good old-fashion snail mail these soaps still were able to make their way around the world is nothing short of incredible. This was definitely nothing short of an incredible task at the time.

To this very day, nearly a hundred years after their soaps were able to break into an international market that wasn’t very strongly connected, Rogé Cavaillès still is considered to be one of the greatest soap producers in the world. A lot of people still think of them as the trailblazers of the soap industry.

Where to Find Rogé Cavaillès Soaps

If you’ve read the inspirational story about the humble beginnings of this company and you feel like you want to use their soaps for yourself, you’ll need to know how to go about getting your hands on them.

There are a lot of different places where you can try to find this soap, but not all of them will work out the way that you want them to. It really depends on where you’re looking and, sometimes, on how lucky you are on any given day you go shopping.

Big box stores like Walmart and Target? You’re probably not going to find this kind of soap. Those stores usually carry things for people that just want something but don’t really care too much about the quality of the products that they’re using on their skin in the shower.

Specialty stores? This has a much higher chance of success, depending on the store you go to. Of course, you’d have better luck in a French store than a Spanish store if you’re looking for French soaps, but it really depends on the store entirely. Different stores carry different things.

Your best bet will probably be going online to buy Rogé Cavaillès soap. There are hundreds of retailers that sell their soap, making it exceedingly easy to find on the internet no matter what country you live in. This is definitely the easiest way to find the soap you’re looking for.

Getting a Good Soap

Getting a good soap is always satisfying. It lathers up just right, it smells nice, and when you step out of the shower your skin feels soft and clean. There’s truly nothing else in this world quite as nice as finding a very nice soap.

Knowing that the soap that you’re getting comes with a history and a pretty interesting story is just the cherry on that cake. When you can find quality and culture all in one product, you can feel confident that you’re truly using one of the best products on the market.