How to Save Money When Expanding Your Wardrobe

How to Save Money When Expanding Your Wardrobe

Keeping up with the latest trends can allow you to get out of your comfort zone. And what you find there can be inspiring and refreshing. While staying trendy can make you feel young and cool, it can also be very expensive. Here are six tips to save money while adding new pieces to your wardrobe.

1. Spend Smarter

The first thing you should consider before giving yourself a shopping spree is probably sitting in your wallet — not the expired coupon. Before going shopping, you should look to see if you have the money to buy new clothes. You might also consider changing how you spend it.

Your payment method can play a big part in your savings journey. It can be easy to see a cute top, go to check out, and simply swipe your credit card. It doesn’t feel like you’re spending your money, and that’s partially because you’re not. Credit cards can be dangerous if you have an addiction to shopping or even just love to browse.

Using a debit card can be a safer alternative since you will be spending your own money. You should be able to track your spending and adjust your budget accordingly. You also don’t have to worry about the interest associated with credit. Some debit cards also round up your purchases to add the change to savings. If you’re swiping your debit card more frequently, that could allow you to save as you spend.

2. Pay Attention to Sales

Probably one of the oldest ways to save money while updating your look is by hunting for sales. Of course, any sale helps to save money, but veteran shoppers take it to the next level. Knowing when and where to look for the best sales will extend your savings even more.

Many stores have their giant annual or semi-annual sales in the summer where you can save on your favorite looks. You can also shop off-season. This means buying your sweaters when it’s starting to get warmer and your swimsuits are the pools start to close.

Also, don’t forget to check out after-season clearance for the biggest discounts. Shopping the clearance racks can mean anywhere from 30-80% off. Some final sale deals are even better. You have to keep your eyes peeled and pay attention to when markdowns are starting.

3. Hunt for Promo Codes

There are also ways to save big while shopping online. Using a promo code is like using an online coupon. Sometimes, these codes can be used to stack discounts, so you can get extra percentages off. Not only can you get your savings, but you can also earn free shipping.

These codes can usually be found on a shop’s website. Signing up to be on a company’s email list can also get you in the know about current online sales. Sometimes, if you join the email list, they’ll send you more personalized codes for occasions like your birthday or sign-up anniversary.

Having trouble finding codes? You can find apps and browser extensions that take the guesswork out of these great discounts. Honey and RetailMeNot are too common examples. Using these tools allows you to browse like you normally do, and your deals are waiting for you at checkout!

4. Go Thrift Shopping

Shopping second-hand helps your wallet, closet, and the environment. Thrift shopping usually means looking through items that have been previously worn and donated. Because the clothing has been previously owned, it’s often cheaper than the original price tag.

You can breathe new life into classic pieces, while becoming more sustainable at the same time. Buying items from thrift stores keeps it out of landfills. The fashion industry adds 92 million tons of waste to landfills each year. Shopping second-hand can reduce that a little bit.

A beautiful thing about thrift shopping is that trends come back into style all the time. Something a little older can be trendy again, and finding it at a thrift store saves you some cash. Thrifting is amazing because you can find some really cool, vintage items at a great price. There is just a little bit of everything in these types of shops. If you look, you can find some great hidden gems.

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5. Swap With Friends

One fun way to change up your look for free is to look in your friend’s closet! Have you been wearing those shoes for a while? Do you have too many pictures of you in that top? Swapping out pieces of your wardrobe with a friend is a convenient resource if you are looking to save a few bucks.

Similarly to thrift shopping, you’re reusing and reducing waste. But you also get to know your new finds are coming from a trusted location. An added bonus is that if you trade a favorite piece with a friend, it’s usually easy to trade back. Friendship closet swaps are all the excitement of a new wardrobe without the permanence of buying or selling.

6. Upcycle Your Favorites

If you feel like connecting to your creative side, this tip is a great way to do so. You can make your current pieces brand new and spend little to no money.  Upcycling gives clothing you already own a new life. Adding to and changing worn-out or out-of-fashion styles will extend the wear and refresh the look.

This is a method that also lets you show your own personal flair and wear totally unique pieces. Pinterest offers some great inspiration. From turning a business button-down into a cute tank top to cropping a jacket, there are hundreds of options to customize your clothes.

You don’t have to spend all your money trying to look a certain way. But if you want to update your closet, there are many ways to save a few dollars and try some cute, new looks. Get creative, and have fun while finding your new wardrobe.