Tips to Buying Vintage Jewellery

Tips to Buying Vintage Jewellery

With many people following the new trends on sustainability and with people changing their buying habits to be more conscious, there is no surprise that people are choosing vintage jewellery as a sustainable alternative to fast fashion. Vintage jewellery can be bought for many reasons including buying a vintage engagement ring for your loved one or you want something to invest in. Buying vintage jewellery is a very smart investment, and can be a beautiful piece to keep in the family for generations. There are many reasons to buy, but it isn’t as easy as some may think. In this article we will go through some essential tips you should know before purchasing anything.

Know The Difference Between Vintage, Antique and Estate

When people hear “vintage” they automatically think it is extremely old and valuable. Well, this isn’t always the case as there is always something older and more expensive, and it is best to understand the different types of “old”.

Putting it simply, antique jewellery is obviously the oldest which is anything over 100 years old such as the Art Deco Era. Vintage jewellery is usually between 50 and 100 years old, it is important to know that vintage jewellery can be classed as vintage at 30 years old though. The Retro Era and Modern era are both classed as vintage due to them being between 1935 – 1980’s which people still wear today. The final is estate jewellery which many people think could be extremely old or expensive, but the truth is, satta jewellery that has had a previous owner and is less than 30 years old is classed as estate jewellery, so don’t get ripped off thinking it’s an old expensive piece.

Check for A Mark

When looking for a vintage piece of jewellery, it is worth noting that nearly all vintage jewellery has a mark on it. If you have found a particular piece that you love, make sure there is a mark on it before purchasing it. If the website doesn’t mention anything about a mark, it is always best to contact the seller before purchase so you can either have it confirmed or you could even get them to send you a picture as proof. This is the case whether you are buying a single item or are wanting to start a collection, make sure it has a hallmark or stamp on it.

Find A Reliable Supplier and Research Them

There are so many avenues that can be taken to purchasing antique and vintage jewellery but which one is the best? Well, a car boot sale can sometimes bring hidden gems but this is understandably not everyone’s first choice. Other ways include going to a vintage or antique seller. Most suppliers are now online which makes it great to be able to see reviews of them before splashing out a load of money for something that is worth nothing. Researching the reviews and the types of jewellery they sell will give you an idea of whether the supplier is legit or not.