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The 5 Biggest Differences Between the US and Europe

So, to the beef and potatoes (arroz y habichuelas in Puerto Rico)! These observations are basically information (with a bit little bit of my opinion thrown in) and not indexed in any precise order. Thanks for analyzing this far! I’m certain you will revel in the relaxation. Of course, I even have to mention that I did lump Europe, a continent composed of 50ish international locations (depending on your affairs of state), into one entity, however I was cautious to choose things that I even have for my part visible and experienced in at the least a couple specific nations in Europe. So, that ought to rely for something, proper?

1. Smoking

I don’t forget a time within the US when you will go to a eating place and they’d ask you, “Smoking or non-smoking?” Now, everything is non-smoking. Most public locations are smoke-unfastened zones. As a non-smoker, I love this. However, transferring to Europe may not were the wisest place to move for a non-smoker who is via the scent.

The Europeans smoke – in public, at home, or anywhere they want. Granted, there are some locations in which you may see a no-smoking sign, however they are few and a long way among, specifically in case you need to exit for nightlife. And even if there may be no smoking interior, there are, with out fail, as a minimum three smokers sitting proper in front of the door of whatever non-smoking establishment. Europe appears to be receiving the “smoking is bad for you” rhetoric and medical proof to lower back it up, just a little bit later than the USA. Although, I am conscious that France is aggressively tackling the issue and has seen respectable consequences.

2. Driving

I can’t say with any self belief that European drivers are worse than American drivers. I can say that certain riding expectations are one-of-a-kind and consequently affect how drivers act. For example, on European highways there aren’t exits every 12 miles with meals and gasoline options, like inside the states. Or, that Americans will bypass you on the proper facet, but that is blasphemy in Europe. Or, that you can flip proper on purple in America, however this is illegal in Europe. And, my personal/least favorite, there are not any dual carriageway cops, and any price tag you will get will come from a (every so often cleverly hidden) digital camera at the side of the road that flashes a vivid white mild of guilt at you, and also you get to lament rushing, all the manner home.

3. Food

Americans are the undisputed champions of food intake. Food is reasonably-priced and reachable. The grocery shop within the states is quite just like a European grocery store, but just add more cereal aisles, a complete chips-candy-soda aisle, 3 extra health meals aisles, dispose of the wine and beer aisle(s), and voila, the shops are identical.

At eating places, in case you order a huge meal inside the states, you expect to take domestic what you didn’t end. In Europe, typically the rations are not massive enough that there can be any meals left, but if you request to take the food domestic you may acquired a few careworn stares, and may probably go away empty surpassed.

4. Nature Calls

In America, in case you gotta cross, it is quite smooth to discover a restroom at a gas station or a public place (excluding New York). In Europe there are numerous countries that rate you to apply the lavatories at fuel stations and in public locations, however there are a few others that genuinely don’t actually have a rest room to offer. If you’re aware of now not going before you depart the residence inside the states, when you tour to Europe, I wouldn’t suggest taking that hazard.

5. Customer Service

We all knew it turned into coming. Anyone who has been to Europe (or Europeans who’ve visited the United States) knows that maximum European nations are not regarded for their stellar customer service (*cough, cough* France & Germany *cough,cough*). Shoot, when you have ever visible a movie or heard someone else talk about their journey to Europe, you probable knew that!

A bad customer support enjoy in Europe is one of these matters that isn’t always as horrific because it sounds, but it’ll for certain appear to you as a minimum as soon as; similar to within the US! But, the differences are the reasons and your recourse. In america, customer support in eating places is over-the-pinnacle because waiters work for recommendations. In Europe, they do not, so kissing your butt isn’t essential to their livelihood. Also, there may be no Better Business Bureau in Europe, so if a financial institution teller or store owner is rude to you, you just must suck it up and no longer save there anymore.

So, what do you observed?

If you visited Europe and the USA, what variations have you ever seen? Am I one hundred% right or handiest 99% right?

Thanks for studying!

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