Selecting A Business Name – What’s Involved?


So you’ve made the decision. You’ve got that great idea. You’re ready to leave work and pursue your dream. Your one step away from creating a business. One step away from being your own boss. One step away from becoming an entrepreneur, but you desperately need to create a business name…

A Business Name Should Never Be Taken Lightly.

There are many different things you should consider when creating a name for your business. Depending on what you want to do, where you want to do business, what industry you’re getting into, is the business local, national, or international. Does your company build something, make something, sell something, buy something, trade something, or give something? Each one of these factors can effect what your name should be. Is your business for non-profit? Does your business belong part of a group? Is it a family run business?

Before I get into some samples, I want you to break out a piece of paper and pen. Write down some examples of names that are fitting for your business. Keep all of the names close together so that you can compare, and revisit them often.

Let’s look into some samples affected by the above statements:


Using Your Personal Name:

Within these examples, I will use my name (Martin Lemieux) as an example.

  • Service Based: – Real Estate (Ex. Lemieux Realtor) – Mortgage Broker (The Lemieux Mortgage Group) – Law Firm (Lemieux Law Firm) – Design (Martin’s Design Concepts) – Writing (Lemieux Writing Services) – Corporate (Lemieux Enterprises) – Contractors (Lemieux Building Group) – Renovators (Martin’s Reno Services) – Printing (Lemieux Print Shop)
  • Product Based: – Pizza Place (Martin’s Pizza Delight) – Clothing (Lemieux Fashion) – Toys (Martin’s Toy Shop) – Appliances (Lemieux Appliances)

As you can see, these business name examples all give reference to two things; a) My name, b) What I do. The idea is to personalize your business name with your personal name, and industry. Using your first name or last name doesn’t necessarily matter.

What matters is the fact that you like your name. A business name can be with you until you die, it has the potential to stay in your family for 100’s of years.

Creative Names:

These illustrations will be something off the top of my head just to give you an idea. Each name will be accompanied by a slogan to explain the meaning of the name.