MLM Success – Build Your Downline

MLM Success – Build Your Downline

Your MLM success is dependent on how you build your downline. Your downline will have those who are keen and passionate about the busines as well as others who need a little nudge to get them going. However every downline also has one or two lazy members.

It is commonplace to find a few in every downline. They complain, make excuses, blame their upline, downline the company owners etc. They talk the talk but when it comes to action, they do zilch. They do
nothing to grow their business.

These stragglers can literally strangle the growth of your downline. Their negative attitude can rub off on others in your downline. And have a bad impact on productivity.

The best thing you can do is to leave them to their own devices. Don’t give them any attention.
Ignore them.

They may sound very harsh. But, your MLM success depends on you spending time with those who are working the business.

The lazy ones can be recognised by how negative they are. You suggest a different way of doing things, or you present them with a solution to their latest moan and all they do is——nothing.

As your downline grows, you won’t have time to waste on non-productive members.
It’s different if someone is trying hard but is still not successful. Such people just need a nudge to help them along or to point them in the right direction.

If you waste your time with the lazy downline Syntaxbusiness, you will end up depressing yourself and arresting the growth of your business.