Will a Travel Detangling Brush Really Work?

Will a Travel Detangling Brush Really Work?

At home, you probably have a large detangling brush to work through those gnarly tangles. You work your hair hard in the morning and at night and think a small travel detangling brush could never hold a candle to the brush you use at home.

What if it could?

When you buy the right travel brush, it can do everything your large full-size brush at home can do. But what should you look for in a travel brush?

Good Bristles

The right travel detangling brush will have solid bristles. They shouldn’t be so hard that they break your hair, but they also shouldn’t be so soft that they don’t do anything.

It should have radial bristles in varying lengths so it gets all the tangles in your hair. If you have long or layered hair, a brush with one length of bristles won’t do anything. It might get through the surface tangles, but it won’t get underneath and that’s what you need, so look for varied length bristles.

Easy to Hold

A travel brush that you can’t get a good hold on will not help you detangle your hair. You need a brush that’s ergonomically shaped so you can easily hold it.

If the brush is too small, it could be hard to get a grasp on it, especially when you’re working your way through your tangles. If it’s too large though, what’s the point in carrying a travel brush?

You need a brush that fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to grasp so you can work your way through your hair, eliminating those tangles.

Good Protection

Don’t buy a travel brush without a cover. If it sits in your purse or the bottom of your gym or diaper bag, what will happen?

You won’t detangle your hair and instead, you’ll put dirt, debris, and lint in it. That’s probably not what you hand in mind. The right detangling brush will have a solid cover that protects the brush no matter where you throw it. This way the bristles aren’t damaged and you don’t put junk in your hair.

How to use a Detangling Brush

Here’s the other issue – you could buy the best travel detangling brush but if you don’t use it right, it won’t do you any good.

So how do you use a detangling brush the right way?

First, you have to use it often. If you only brush your hair in the morning and at night, you miss all the tangles that happen throughout the day. What happens when you brush your hair at night? Do you wince in pain?

If you brush your hair throughout the day with a portable detangling brush, you won’t have this issue. 

Next, make sure you brush from the bottom up. It sounds weird, but if you start at your scalp, you could break your hair. If you have tangles, you have to force your way through them and that’s not good for your hair.

Instead, make sure you brush your hair a few times a day and start at the tips, working your way through any tangles at the bottom of your hair. That’s usually where the tangles happen first. As you work your way closer to your scalp, you should be able to get through your hair easier and not have to worry about forcing your way through and damaging your hair.

Travel Detangling Brushes do Work

When you have the right travel detangling brushes AND you use them right, they do their job. Your job is to make sure you brush your hair often and use the right brush.

When you take the time to get the right tools and use them right, you can keep your hair looking untangled, well-groomed, and even shiny. Brushing your hair has so many benefits that you can’t afford not to have a great detangling brush with you at all times. Have you added one to your inventory yet? If not, now is the time.