Jewellery: Because Roses Die and Chocolates Go Straight to The Hips

Jewellery: Because Roses Die and Chocolates Go Straight to The Hips

Our obsession with jewellery is never-ending; no matter how many pieces we buy, the thirst for buying new ones will never be quenched. Valuable metals have always been a preferred choice for jewellery and for all the evident reasons. For decades, humans have cherished these metals and used them in making adornments.

There are different metallic pieces of jewellery that are considered evergreen, and silver is one of the most famous metal jewellery that never gets out of trend.

Due to its shine and lustre, silver is an alluring metal to make jewelry of all kinds. The Indian subcontinent is a haven of silver, especially the heritage lands of Rajasthan where silver jewelry are considered auspicious.

Nayab comes from the same heritage city of vibrance and culture, Jaipur to provide you With the Purest Silver Jewelry.

Nayab is just like you and that’s why we celebrate your beauty every day with our trending and unique designs. We have something for every beautiful face out there. With Nayab, you can make silver jewelry your best friend forever.

But why are we emphasizing on silver jewelry? Why should you prefer silver jewelry over any other metallic marvel?

Let’s discover.


It is Durable

One of the main reasons why silver jewellery is considered the best is its durability factor. It is mixed with a different alloy like copper to mould it into unique fashion pieces. Such amalgamation makes silver jewellery more durable. For instance, sterling silver is majorly used in making Italian jewellery. It has 92.5% silver and the remaining copper.

You Will Get Endless Choices

Compared to gold, silver is a softer material that makes it easier for the designers to experiment with the designs and come up with unique pieces of jewellery. Nayab’s creative jewellery designers are always bringing innovation in the designs, and they work best with silver jewellery.

It Fits In Your Pocket

It goes without saying that silver is way more affordable than gold. If you want to buy jewellery that falls into your budget. Silver jewellery is always cost-effective and comes in different style variants. You can match it with different attires according to your preference, and you don’t have to pay any much.

Silver Is Hypoallergenic

For centuries humans have been eating in silver plates as they find them safe and bacteria-free. Also, silver does not irritate your skin, just like other metals like gold and nickel. People who are allergic to metal prefer silver jewellery as there are no worries regarding any infection.


Suitability with Stones

Today stones have become an alluring embellishment for metal pieces of jewellery. Unlike other metals, you can safely entrust any stone with silver. That’s the reason you will see birthstones being paired with silver jewellery. Nayab has a great collection of silver and stone jewellery. From moonstones to emerald, you can pair any stone into a silver jewellery piece.

Safer to Keep At Home

Due to its affordability and lower cash value, people can safely keep these adornments at home without worrying about theft. Gold jewellery is insanely expensive, and that’s why it is generally kept in lockers for safekeeping. However, if you invest in silver jewellery, you will never have to worry about such things.

Accentuate Your Beauty

Irrespective of the occasion, you can use silver jewellery to enhance your inner beauty. From jhumkas, tribal necklaces, elegant choker to studded earrings, every silver adornment can provide you with a stylish edge. All you need to do is choose the right piece for yourself that can perfectly blend with your beauty.

Nayab has an extended collection of alluring silver jewellery that will instantly catch your attention. Take a tour of our site and go through our impressive designs. We are sure you will find more than one reason to fall in love with our pieces.