Local Jewelry Pawn Shops Prefer Old Familiar Brands

Local Jewelry Pawn Shops Prefer Old Familiar Brands

If your finances have taken a beating due to COVID-19 you may be looking for a way to keep your head above water.  When you pawn jewelry with shops such as AZ Jewelry and Loan you do not sell your jewelry.  Instead you use the value of the jewelry as security against a loan.  If you no longer want the item(s) we also purchase jewelry for cash.

Always clean the items you are bringing in.  Check all moving parts and clasps.  Non-working clasps can quickly turn your jewelry into scrap metal since pawn shops do not repair jewelry.  Bring any paperwork related to the item or the original box to help establish the piece’s validity.  Consider having your jewelry appraised by a jeweler before coming to local jewelry pawn shops so that you have a second opinion as to value.

Brands of jewelry to consider

Tiffany & Co. has been synonymous with impeccable taste and top of the line jewelry since 1837.  They have focused on rare diamonds and unique pieces of jewelry as well as glassware, china and other collectables.  This luxury brand designed the Congressional Medal of Honor and the seal on our dollar bill.  Any Tiffany items will bring top price at local jewelry pawn shops in the Phoenix valley.

When you hear the brand Bulgari you likely think of watches, but they are also an international powerhouse in the jewelry business.  In 1881 the founder of Bulgari opened his second store with his sons.  Strong leadership from subsequent family members continued the company’s growth.

Cartier signifies timeless beauty and elegance in many people’s minds as they are well known for stunning jewelry and wristwatches.  Many celebrities and royalty have worn Cartier creations on the red carpet or to their coronation.

David Yurman is best known for men’s jewelry.  In 1982 Yurman released his iconic cable bracelet.  It is a twisted helix of sterling silver with gemstones at the ends.  Any jewelry for men or women by Yurman is highly valuable and can be used to secure a loan at local jewelry pawn shops.

You may recognize Harry Winston as the person who purchased the Hope Diamond in 1949.  Mr. Winston started in the trade as a boy, working with his father in the family jewelry business.  At an early age he realized that purchasing unwanted old jewelry for the stones which he could remove, recut, and place into new settings was an excellent way to fuel his business.  Today the Winston Diamond Corporation operates throughout the world.

More than 100 years ago Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in creating the world’s first cultured pearls.  Today Mikimoto combines elegance and sophisticated design with the production of fine quality cultured pearls.  Any jewelry containing Mikimoto cultured pearls are excellent collateral for a loan at local jewelry pawn shops.

Van Cleef & Arpels is credited with many milestones in the jewelry industry including the stone setting in which no prongs are visible.   Due to World War II most of the Arpels and Van Cleef family moved to the United States where you can find their famous store on 5th Avenue in New York City.

The House of Faberge started as a jewelry business founded in 1842 in Russia.    Today when you hear “Faberge” many people think of the Imperial Faberge eggs.  These ornately jeweled eggs were produced for the Russian Tsars in a limited number between 1885 and 1917.  While these eggs are quite rare Faberge jewelry is not as difficult to find.

Many more fine jewelry makers exist worldwide.  These include Autore, Beccellati, Graff, John Hardy, and Piaget.  No matter who the maker of your jewelry is consider using it as collaterall for a loan at AZ Jewelry and Loan, the best pawn shop among local jewelry pawn shops.