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Five Cheapest Places to Buy Property in Thailand

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Buy Property

Thailand is an amazing country with a low cost of living with beautiful and adventurous places to visit with a beautiful landscape and spectactular  beaches.

If you are planning to buy cheap property here, you can find many inexpensive options on the northside of Thailand. Here is a list of five places where you can look for the cheapest property to buy.

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Thang is among the favorite towns amongst tourists in Thailand as is an interesting place to visit because of the lovely islands. It is a safe place and 96 km away from Krabi. There are large, attractive and nice buildings located in this town.

There are lovely parks beside the government buildings, nice food and reasonable places to live. Prices vary depending upon the property size and place, but you can buy cheap property for an average price of 50,000 dollars.


Phrae is town located in northern Thailand, in the mountains of the northern region of Tom River. It is not a touristy place, but it has great places to visit, and it provides so much to its residents. There are numerous museums, parks, and temples here.

Residents can enjoy its street market every Saturday evening. It is the perfect place for dinner, and due to less population, property is not so expensive here. You can buy a property here for an average price of 35,000 dollars.


Mukdahan is the capital of province of the same name, has abundant natural beauty and is famous for its high-quality silk. There are numerous attractive places to enjoy here. This place might not be the best-known tourist, but it holds so many beautiful visiting places to enjoy.

You can find many cheap properties here. On average a property can be purchased for a low as 25,000 dollars.


Chanthaburi is a beautiful place in the east of Thailand on the banks of the Chanthaburi River. It is like a hidden seaside pearl with so much potential. This city is famous for its fruits, gemstones, and Chanthavong mats.

Chanthaburi has the largest building in the country and some interesting temples and waterfalls. This city though is not very popular with tourists and therefore has a very peaceful and relaxing environment.

It does not have much business going on, so if you like to visit Thailand more often and want to buy cheap propertyhere, it is a good choice. You can pick up a cheap property here for an average price starting from 22,000 dollars.


Ranong is a small town situated in southern Thailand. This town is a fishing port in the Pakchan River and contains the Ngao national park which is renowned for its large waterfall. There are amazing natural sights and beautiful places that you can see here.

Although this place is not very crowded with people, it does not mean that it does not have amazing places to see. Indeed there are several amazing beaches which are at a small distance from the centre of town.

You can buy property at a cheap price here. The price depends on the size, but property start from as cheap as $20,000.

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