Why Enrolling With World Ventures Travel Club Could Be A Smart Move

Why Enrolling With World Ventures Travel Club Could Be A Smart Move

World Ventures Travel club is a travel industry MLM opportunity. Established in 2005 (by Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent), this debt free, privately owned firm is situated in Plano, Dallas. Over the past few years, MLM travel niche opportunities appear to have become rather saturated with new start ups. In this regard, World Ventures is somewhat unique in that the firm has been in operation for years, way before the trend toward travel opportunities emerged.

A Flourishing Industry

Each year, more than $8 Trillion gets spent on international travel, and this is predicted to increase to $15 Trillion over the following few years. All of this makes the World Ventures Travel Club a great MLM business opportunity. While there are numerous home based travel industry business opportunities, World Ventures is among the most popular. During their 1st 3 years alone, they turned over more than $150,000,000 in revenue.

How it Works

Essentially, once you sign up to World Ventures, you become a web-based travel agent, in competition with other travel firms. However, the majority of those who enroll with the firm concentrate more on promoting the MLM opportunity. The only negative thing about signing up with a travel firm is that the industry is very competitive. However, as mentioned above, travel does have a huge amount of cash being invested in it.

The Price

The World Ventures Travel Club costs $199.00 1 time, with monthly payments of $24.95. You will get a retail travel site, travel exam and tutorials, as well as more advanced rhino book snash ville within the travel industry included in your membership. The main products are the exclusive “Dream Trips” holiday packages. After you enroll with the club, you will get access to numerous dream trip holiday packages to pick from each year. Also, you will receive travel discounts across the world. Your Leisure Travel Consultant (LTC) website is powered by Rovia. Prospects can visit your website and book holiday packages, airline tickets, condo rentals, cruises, car rentals, hotels and more.