What Are The Best Ways To Grow Your Eyelashes Naturally This Summer?

What Are The Best Ways To Grow Your Eyelashes Naturally This Summer?

Are you not in favor of using those false eyelashes? Are you fed up with using high-end cosmetic products and false eyelashes simply because they caused more damage over the long run?

So far you have not concentrated on the natural ways to grow your eyelashes using Careprost eye drops.

When it comes to growing your eyelashes or preventing their fall you can use simple natural substances that are commonly found in most homes.

If you think that we are joking then sit tight and read the remaining portion of this article because you have got some serious misconceptions on eyelash growth using natural homely substances.

Why Are Your Eyelashes Falling So Frequently Or Why Are They So Sparse Or Why Are They Not Growing Long?

Well, dermatologists and researchers have found out that most of the time the skin or the hair follicles in some persons are underdeveloped and thus your hair lining can be sparse or your eyelashes don’t grow long.

Among the other reasons scientists have found that the quality of the eyelashes can also be a crucial factor. If your eyelashes are brittle and fragile they will fall off quicker than the time taken by hair follicles to grow eyelashes on the eye lining. This can lead to a sparse eyelash lining.

A common factor that does not need mentioning is the use of synthetic cosmetic products too much. They will make your eyelashes weaker and brittle. Use such synthetic cosmetics too much and you end up having a sparse lining of eyelashes as your eyelashes become brittle and fall prematurely.

And last but not least you should rub your eyes vigorously as this will tear off the eyelashes from the eye hair follicles.

Using Natural Substances For Growing Your Eyelashes Naturally

Apart from using Careprost for your eyes you can use these substances found in your home as well for natural growth and moisturizing your eyelashes.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a natural eyelash growth booster as this contains some of the rare essential fatty acids. They immensely benefit in making your eyelashes moisturize and soften over time.

And it’s not just olive oil that can help you to stimulate the natural growth of eyelashes but there are some other oils as well that can be used in combination.

This oil combination works the best for most and includes- olive oil as mentioned above, lavender oil, almond oil, and grape seeds oil.

You can find them in the range of natural products for the growth of eyelashes but you can mix them at home even. For applying all you have to do is use a soft mascara and gently rub the oil mixture on your eyelashes.

Try Out Eyelash Growth Serums But Only The Natural Ones-

Apart from using Bimat a common brand of eye drops you can try out eyelash growth serums. There are many thousands of varieties and all of the night nor be as effective as you want them to be.

Another most important thing to focus on here is that we are not asking you to buy any eyelash growth serum but only the ones that are 100% natural.

You can always refer to the doctor and find out which eyelash growth serum works the best for you.

Vitamin E Oil

You might not have any Vitamin E oil liquid supplement at home but you can always buy them from any local stationery store.

Vitamin E oil helps to moisturize the eyelashes and also provides vital and essential nutrients to the eyelash hair follicles thus making them stronger and prevent eyelash falling too.

There have been researches conducted on the benefits of Vitamin E oil on your eyelashes and they also indicate that it will also help in boosting eyelash growth.

Thus it can be said that using the Vitamin E oil supplements will give you an all-around action- preventing eyelashes from falling, moisturizing eyelashes, providing them essential nutrients, and boosting their growth.

Try Out A Cheaper Option- Use Coconut Oil

If you don’t want to use so many oils as we have mentioned above and are looking for an even pocket-friendly treatment method for growing eyelashes and preventing premature fall then you can try out coconut oil.

Coconut oil is commonly available in most homes and it also dually benefits your eyelashes.

That is by providing them with essential nutrition thus making the hair follicles stronger and also boosting their growth.

Coconut oil will also help to moisturize the eyelashes and prevent them from drying out and falling apart.

Should You Use An Eyelash Boosting Mascara?

While there are many brands of eyelash boosting mascaras available in the market not all of them are beneficial for the growth of your eyelashes and preventing them from fall off.

Herein you need to consult a herbal expert or a doctor who can help you to find out the right brand.

Here is one tip for you- you can try out the fiber-lash mascaras that help you to grow the length of your eyelashes.

Be very curious to buy any brand and trying those. Make sure that you don’t have to use any generic medicine later for underlying complications of using these cosmetic products.

You can also avoid this step entirely as there are not many brands that are 100% natural and herbal. Most of them generally have some synthetic substances mixed in them.

Try Out Castor Oil

This oil will help to promote the growth of the hair while also making them appear more fluffy and longer over time. They also help in moisturizing them and preventing them from drying out.

Use A Soft Eye Mascara Brush And Comb Your Eyelashes Gently

Apart from doing all these don’t forget to comb your eyelashes once daily. While this may sound to be odd, you can use soft clean mascara and gently stroke along the eyelashes to make them stronger. Doing this also means that your weak eyelashes will fall out in due time.