Train Frizzy Hair with a Travel Detangling Brush

Train Frizzy Hair with a Travel Detangling Brush

Frizzy hair is a way of life for many people, whether you have curly or straight hair. Temperatures, hair products, and how you style your hair could all play a role in how frizzy (or not) your hair is.

Fortunately, there are a few quick ways you can train your frizzy hair, including using a travel detangling brush.

Here are the simple steps anyone can use.

Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Sulfates lull us into thinking we need them because shampoo doesn’t do its job without suds, right? Wrong. Sulfates do more damage than good. They strip your hair of its healthy or natural oils – exactly what your hair needs to thrive. If you want to fight the frizz, start with your shampoo.

Condition your Hair Often

Conditioner seals hair, which means less frizz. Look for a sulfate-free version of your favorite conditioner. Only condition the bottom of your hair (not the roots). Shampoo is for the roots and conditioner is for the ends.

Protect your Hair from Heat

If you can’t air dry your hair, protect it. Use a natural heat protectant, like coconut oil to stop the heat from damaging your hair too much. If you use a blow dryer, attach a diffuser and use the lowest heat possible, drying your hair for as little time as possible.

Use a Detangling Brush

A detangling brush helps keep your hair healthy. If you don’t brush your hair often enough, it will tangle and tangles cause breakage. This all leads to the frizz no one wants, but can’t control (or thinks they can’t).

The right detangling brush will gently brush your hair, eliminating the tangles while keeping your hair healthy. Choose a brush that’s too harsh and you’ll rip your hair rather than care for it, but ignore it and your hair will retaliate with frizz.

Avoid Using Drying Products

It’s okay to use styling products, but make sure they aren’t drying. Anything with alcohol will dry your hair out and make it frizzier.

Hairspray is a common culprit for this. But also check any gels or mousses. Use products with natural ingredients and nothing drying so your hair stays moisturized. Frizz occurs when your hair is dry or damaged.

Sleep With a Silk Pillowcase

It sounds like something the rich and famous do, but you’ll quickly see why once you try it. A silk pillowcase is much gentler on your hair. Its smooth surface lets your hair glide over it while you move around in your sleep rather than getting stuck and breaking.

As a bonus – a silk pillowcase is great for wrinkles too!

Brush your Hair on-the-go

This is an essential step for anyone, curly hair or straight. If you don’t brush your hair all day, it gets tangled. This leads to breakage and frizz.

Carrying a travel detangling brush makes it easy to take care of your hair while you’re out all day. Whether you work, are running errands, or are enjoying a day out, taking a few minutes to brush your hair several times a day is important.

Brush from the tips up to avoid brushing too hard and breaking your hair.

Get Regular Haircuts

Dead hair breaks and leaves you with frizzy hair. Getting your hair cut regularly helps cut down the damage. Even if you have only the ends cut every few months, it’s a great way to give your hair a refresh and ensure that it’s healthy and not broken, which always leads to frizz.

Using these steps regularly, you’ll treat your hair well. You won’t have tangles, breakage, or frizz. It may take a while depending on how damaged your hair is but with regular care and using these steps often, you can train even the frizziest hair to be tame.

Get your supplies ready including sulfate-free products, a diffuser, travel detangling brush, and a silk pillowcase, and train your hair to be frizz-free.