Should I Get My Girlfriend A Necklace With My Name On It?

Should I Get My Girlfriend A Necklace With My Name On It?

When it comes to a personalized engravable necklace, we always wonder how it would go down with the other person. This is probably where many of us sometimes want to give our girlfriends something that reminds them of us.

A Personalized engravable necklace is there to stay in their lives. So, I would always suggest that you can get your girlfriend a necklace with your name on it; provided you both have been together long enough.

But, a personalized engravable necklace speaks so much more than just a name. It is commandeering your relationship with your ‘lady’.

Here is the thing about gifting your better half, you never know, what you want to give them.

Do you give them something they can use or something that has a strong sentimental value? Moreover, there is part of what they like and their tastes. It is not easy finding the right gift in terms of jewellery for better halves.

Things You Can Give Your Better Half –

  • Personalized engravable necklace
  • Personalized bracelet
  • Sterling Silver earrings/ bracelets

In the end, all you need is a gift that communicates the thought and solidifies your commitment to a relationship or connection. And, these little gifts remind them just how much they mean to you.

However, we have listed some very convincing reasons to get a personalized engravable necklace for your better half.

Why Buy A Personalized Engravable Necklace?

If you are looking for more convincing reasons, then just go through the reasons below.

They Are Very Special

If you are looking to remind your better half about the commitment you both have made to each other, what another way than a personalized engravable necklace.  With an engraving on the necklace, you know that it belongs to only ONE lady.

Commemorates Memories

These personalized engravable necklace are memory pockets for people. Ideal for any occasion or none. You can gift this to anybody you want to hold on to in your life.

Variety Of Options

You get a variety of options in terms of the necklaces. You can just choose the design that your better half wants and easily build a memory that lasts forever.

Easy To Keep

Personalized engravable necklaces have a unique feature of it being lightweight and easy to store. So, you don’t have to worry about storing it. You can gift it to someone with absolute ease.


These necklaces also happen to be very durable. So, you can be assured of feature-rich longevity. They are set to be amazingly long-lasting, staying with your better half for a long time.


In conclusion, a personalized engravable necklace speaks volume for your conviction in that connection and it lets the other person know that they are always on your mind. You can find them in all online stores almost and they last you a long time too.

Almost like a little meaningful gift that can be passed on to generations.