Research Conduction Authentication Replica Dior Lady Bags

Research Conduction Authentication Replica Dior Lady Bags

Christian Dior is a well-known brand in fashion and handbags by Dior are among the most copied products on the market. Each Dior bag has its own tells. We will be exploring the Replica Dior Lady Dior Bag, one of Christian Dior’s signature bags. Nevertheless, the majority of the elements in this guide can be applied to other Christian Dior bags.

Timeless and Elegant Lady Dior Bag

Lady Dior handbags by Christian Dior are timeless and elegant, but they’re not as elegant as Lady Dior. Lady Dior, named after the late Princess Diana is one of Dior’s most iconic products. Since its creation in 1994, when it was called ChouChou (meaning ‘favorite’ in French), this elegant Dior handbag has stood the test of time. Everything changed when Princess Diana of Wales was presented with a black ChouChou in September 1995. The bag was ordered by Princess Diana of Wales in all colors and officially named Lady Dior. How can you tell if your bag is authentic? These steps will help you determine if you have the authentic bag.


The handles must be strong and firm. They can be folded down or held upright, but the leather handles should not be able to bend. Poor workmanship is indicated by flimsy handles. Fakes can also squeak.

Charm spells

Because the charm that spells D-I-O–R is attached to your bag on a pivot loop, rather than a free-hanging loop, it should not be capable of flipping on itself. The charm loop should be capable of swinging left and right but not turning around. You should not make the D-I-O R letters too fragile or lightweight, nor allow them to move around.

How To Tell If Your Lady Dior Bag Is The Real Thing

Outer surface tag      

The leather tag attached to the “O” charm should only have “Christian Dior” printed on its back. Fakes may have “Christian Dior Paris Made In Italy” embossed.


Four chain links will be attached to the main zipper’s puller. Three larger rings follow one small one. The final ring has a rounded zipper pull. This oval zipper pull should feel heavy in your hands and have the “CD” stamp. You should note that most modern Lady Dior bags do not have a zippered closing, but instead have a leather flap over the opening. The lining of Lady Dior bags can have cannage or Dior jacquard patterns. However, the Cannage pattern is more common. Lady Dior bags can be lined with plain leather or suede.  Please be aware that Lady Dior’s leather components must always match the exterior of the bag.

Most fakes will have a thread that is a different color than the real thing. This can be felt easily. Some high-end fakes might attempt to replicate the quality of real bags’ stitching. To get an idea of how it is, you should inspect the whole bag from the handles to its interior.

An authentic bag should have at least ten stitches per side of the diamond or square pattern. Fake bags often have embossed designs on the bag, but the stitching won’t be too deep to damage the leather.

Look for symmetry            

Dior’s signature cannage quilting should complement the bag perfectly. It should be perfectly symmetrical and align with the pockets and different sides.