Pet Travel Insurance: What’s to Know?

Pet Travel Insurance: What’s to Know?

There are many kinds of pets man considers as a companion. Various species of dogs and cats have been domesticated and treated as pets for many families and individuals. They become a part of the family and sometimes, it becomes difficult to leave them behind when you are planning of travelling for a long time. It is, however, possible to take your animal with you on trips. Apart from the necessary documents, do not forget to get pet travel insurance for your beloved dog.

Different countries have a different constitution, laws, and regulations. The same is applicable with national laws regarding pets entering their respective countries. Countries in the European Union have signed an agreement concerning travelling pets. Usually, the pets allowed to travel with their owners are dogs and cats, applicable to over 25 countries or more. If you want to travel abroad with your pet especially to countries such as the United Kingdom, then prepare the following for a hassle free trip.

Check the laws of your destination regarding pet travel

Before you pick a destination for you and your pet, check first if they allow pets travelling with their owners. EU countries have a special treaty for pet travel. You should also familiarize yourself with the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) if you are planning to go to any European country. The PETS is a system that permits pet animals such as cats, dogs, and ferrets from a number of countries to enter UK without quarantine, given the animals meet the rules and requirements. If you and your pet are coming a non-qualifying country, then your pet must spend six months in quarantine.

Preparing your pets documents for travel

Documents such as a passport, accomplished by an authorized veterinarian, and other papers are required for travelling purposes. It should have the owner’s details, microchip number, records of anti-rabies vaccinations, and tapeworm and tick treatments. Companies who provide pet travel insurance can inform you about the procedures and needed documents.