Make More Sales By Being Contrary

Here’s something I’ve been gambling with, and my consequences have been quite good, too.

A few months in the past a pal become launching a massive product with masses of coins prizes for the pinnacle affiliates. I knew there might be tons of associate competition, with every associate trying to out-do the others with larger and higher bonuses.

How to compete?

I decided now not to.

Instead, I concept about what each associate’s bonus pages would look like: Highly polished, slick, professional, lots of graphics, movies, etc.

Odds are they could all start to look very a great deal alike, proper?

So I notion… What if I did something extraordinary?

What if my page appeared like something you might get within the mail – black and white sales letter, using the Courier typewriter font, very antique-school searching…

And what if, instead of a notably polished professional image of myself, I used one in which I just awoke? Or one wherein I just finished exercising, or just finished the backyard paintings?

In other phrases, I seemed like the guy round the corner and now not some slick marketer.

Taking this questioning to the following degree, I decided I didn’t want to spend time or cash on developing an advantage. Everyone else became doing that, so why need to I?

Instead, I would preserve a live class. The homework would be to move over the program earlier than elegance. Then in magnificence we would put in force, step-with the aid of-step, what became inside the application. And I could document everything, so human beings ought to just comply with alongside.

In case you are wondering – it worked beautifully. My income have been a completely respectable 5 discern quantity, and my commissions have been half of that plus bonuses.

And one more aspect – I cheated, too. I had my virtual assistant run the class for me. She got to research a few tremendous new abilities, and I positioned much less than 2 hours into the entire mission.

The takeaway: When you have got quite a few opposition, it’s time to forestall directly competing and locate every other way.

If they’re the use of heaps of pics and slick movies, you go along with a 1980’s black and white typewriter look.

If they’re presenting bonus applications full of five, 10 or 20 products, you offer no products (I supplied keep-your-hand schooling, which in my view is really worth far greater besides.)

You get the concept.

Do you know what would paintings even higher than that?

MAILING the real letter. Yup. Talk approximately vintage college. If you accumulate actual addresses of your BUYERS, you may recollect doing this on large price ticket objects.

I recognise entrepreneurs who do this. They are few and far between, and they’re KILLING it. They best mail to shoppers, which significantly improves their conversions. They use a provider to ship out the mailers for them. And they make more on such a mailings than maximum a success marketers earn in 6 months.