Choosing the Colour of Bridal Fabric

Choosing the Colour of Bridal Fabric

When choosing your bridal fabric, there are many factors to take into consideration, from bridal colours, to your theme and even the venue for the big day. With so much to think about it’s easy to lose track of one crucial element – your dress.

Note that when deciding on a bridal colour palette, you don’t necessarily have to stick with white or ivory. Brides are choosing colours such as blush pink and gold for their wedding day look in increasing numbers – giving them a great alternative to the traditional white or ivory dress.

Different colours will compliment different skin tones so you need to consider what would work best for you. There are also different types of bridal dressmaking fabric that can make choosing a shade even harder.

Tones that flatter blue eyes include coral, peach, pale yellow and lavender, while green eyes look good in shades of brown and gold. Blue-eyed women should avoid colours like raspberry, red and orange, as well as black, which tends to make people appear heavier than they are. Green-eyed girls should try to avoid shades that are too dark; grey is a good choice if you want to wear something dark but not too harsh or stand out too much.

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Wedding dresses with sleeves can be made in any colour as long as it is not too bright or overbearing. Lighter colours seem more subtle and create a softer look while darker ones can add drama and glamour to a dress. Brides have several choices when it comes to sleeves on their wedding dresses so this is another factor in their decision making process when choosing the fabric.

The most popular colours for wedding dresses today are white and ivory. White represents purity and innocence; however, ivory represents luxury and sophistication. These two colours are also timeless in their use, as they can complement any type of wedding theme.

Apart from white and ivory, you can select from any of the following colours for your bridal dress: gold, silver, peach, mint green, yellow gold, mustard yellow, buttercup yellow, baby pink, blush pink, coral pink, dark pink or red.

The most important thing is to choose a colour that complements your skin tone and complements your overall look and style. Be careful not to choose a colour that does not flatter you or your skin tone as this will make you appear older than you actually are.