Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser

Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser

Touch Australia also provides the sale of apparatus production such as manual or automatic sanitiser dispenser specially designed to facilitate the use of hand and surface disinfectants, automatic spraying soap dispensers or manual soap dispensers that make the cleaning need practical for liquid soap uses.

Wherever cleaning is needed, you will find Tauch Australia products.

Thanks to specially produced disinfectants, we solve the need for cleaning in every area we touch our hands.

We use Tauch Australia products in almost every moment of our lives in crowded environments, offices, airports, hospitals, all health institutions, restaurants-cafes, gymnasiums, all shared toilets, shopping malls.

Touch Australia manual or automatic sanitiser dispenser products can be easily mounted at any point as they have a portable infrastructure and take up little space.

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Since the apparatus inside is resistant to high temperatures, it can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

Touch Australia automatic disinfectant dispenser sprays the disinfectant at the rate you specify, thanks to the sensors inside, without touching the disinfectant apparatus of the hands.

It prevents the spread of microbes as too much hand touches during the use of disinfectant in public areas.

It shares product details and features on its website. There is no limit on order quantity. Order one or 1000 pieces. Every order is delivered to the address. An invoice is issued for each product you purchase. You can pay for the products as you wish.

With the option of delivery to the door, there is no additional charge.