A Guide To Wearing Skinny Jeans, For Mmen

A Guide To Wearing Skinny Jeans, For Mmen

Ever since it’s arrival on the men’s fashion scene, the growth of the skinny jean has been influential to the scene. If you hate it or love it, don’t expect them to leave the clothing stores anytime soon as it’s likely to be a trend that lasts for years to come.

Whilst it’s commonly marketed towards the younger audience for its style during the early days of its birth, it’s since boldly found its way into the older generation of men who are looking to buck the trend for the savvy, mature man.

Considered a versatile clothing style, skinny jeans can be ideal for any occasion and outfit when put correctly with the outfit. If you’re an experienced opter of the trend or looking to make your early strides for skinny denim, here are our tips for styling your outfit perfectly around skinny jeans without looking like you’ve just raided your girlfriend’s wardrobe.

The Lowdown On Styling Skinny Jeans For Men

There are two avenues you can try for your skinny jeans: the ‘standard’ skinny, or the mens spray on jeans. As you can imagine, the latter does exactly what is says on the label – spray on fit providing plenty of elasticity to look tight from top to bottom and fitted around the ankle to provide a ‘hug’ look.

A word of warning for you: they’re essentially how they’re described and essentially make you feel like you’re wearing another layer of skin rather than a piece of clothing. With the extremely tight fit, you need to be sure that ‘style over comfort’ is what you’re looking for with this piece of garment. If you have the right body proportions, you may well be right for the figure of the spray on jean wearer.

The more traditional skinnier jean is a more popular option for the older and younger generations of men. Whilst they still remain tightly fit to the skin, the traditional fitting provides a more forgiving feel and allows a bit more for comfort, making it an ideal fit for various outfits.

Smart Casual

Denim jeans are known for their versatility, and it’s no different for the skinny look for smart casual looks. The tapered cut provides a clean look and prevents unnecessary bulk in areas you don’t wish for it to appear. For an extra casual look, dark jeans with holes can also provide a different angle to your outfit.

Plain T-Shirt And Trainers

You won’t be able to put a foot wrong with this look. White, navy, grey, whatever the t-shirt colour finish it with your favourite trainers for an effortless look. If you’re looking for a smarter look, boat shoes or leather desert boots can completely switch up your style. If it’s a little nippy, consider wearing a cardigan or crew neck jumper to give yourself a little warmth.

Oxford Shirt And Brogues

This is considered the perfect combination when you need your casual look to be a little smarter. To keep with the smart theme, opt for darker jeans such as navy or black and steer away from a faded wash. If you’re choosing for the relaxing style of an untucked shirt, add a little height to your outfit, rolling up the bottom of your jeans and showing off a bit of ankle.

Dressing Up

Denim would be considered a no-go when it comes to formal events, but over the years it’s been a style choice that’s catering to the fancy scene. For the formal look, fit yourself with a pair of straighter looking jeans and keep colour tones and styles simple; dark, no rips, no fades, no holes.

Blazer, Shirt And Dress Shoe Combo

Heading off to a work drink or an engagement party after the wedding? You can’t go wrong with this combination for your outfit. Keep your look streamlined by tucking in the shirt, popping the collars and buttoning up your blazer. Avoid socks and polish your shoes for the perfect way to suit and boot up.

Formal Shirt With Leather Monk Shoes

If the weather’s playing up and not fitting for a blazer, you can go for the alternative of a smart dress shirt and leather monk shoes. Ensure your shirt is tucked in to pull off the look and top it off with a trench or long dress coat. With this outfit, the key is also in the accessories. To finish off your look, apply some cufflinks, a nice watch and either a bow tie or normal tie.