8 Reasons To Choose A Top Tier Home Based Business

8 Reasons To Choose A Top Tier Home Based Business

(1) Make $1000.00 TODAY – one transaction! How long would it take you to make a $1000.00 in traditional multilevel marketing? How big of a downline would you have to have in order to generate a mere $1000.00 a month? And fellow MLMer, how much product must you move in order to make $1000.00? In a top-tier program, you can make $1000.00 by having no downline, and creating only one sale. Isn’t that sweet?

(2) Downline drama in your home based business? By the time you think that you have built a good core group that you can work with, a MLM leak manifest itself. Whiny MLMer’s complaining if they aren’t making $10,000 by their 2nd or 3rd month. Or how about this, your MLM company changes comp plans over night, and now you are having to work harder for the money that was so much easier to make days earlier. With a top-tier program, you really don’t need a downline. You can use some good like minded leaders that helps your company grow, but because of the pay structure with regard to this of type of business, you really can make a darn good living with minimal downline support. So forget the whiny, complaining syntaxbusiness.com and only work with the few serious like minded people and still out earn the traditional network marketer. Isn’t that great?

(3) Your pay can increase 4 times automatically – then 5 more times of pay increase is possible. Let me explain: The initial pay out is $1000.00 You as the marketer put in the initial work to make the sale through advertising and working the lead. The lead becomes a business partner. Should the customer upgrade to the next step of our program, (and 1/3 will) you as the top-tier business owner is rewarded $5,000. No additional work from you to get this upgrade. No additional advertising expense is needed from you. This is an automatic pay increase. Much like an automatic transmission shifting from first to second gear without you having to manually shift. Now let’s go from 2nd gear to 3rd gear without shifting again. All we had to do is put the gear into drive the first time! Same here with our top tier business model. We go from $1000.00 profit to $5000.00 profit. And finally a certain percent of the upgraded $5000.00 profit yielders will yield you a $9000.00 profit – AUTOMATICALLY! No more work or advertising is ever needed. Not to complicate the matter anymore, but there is even more income to be had from overrides from your downline.

(4) No Monthly autoship charge. You invest once (other than the 6 month small administration fee) and you are finished forever paying. What are you paying out now every month for products or services? The average is usually around $150.00 – $200.00 per month that is needed to qualify for overrides. Add that $200.00 per month up and you have surpassed our one and done investment. Wouldn’t it be great to exit that autoship bondage?

(5) No charge backs. How many times have you been involved with an opportunity that charges you back? OUCH! Boy! You thought you were on your way to having a big month in commissions, only to be set back by charge backs. Once our product is sold, the customer is still able to return it for a refund, yet you as a rep won’t be charge back! Can you dig that?

(6) The Top-Tier Model weeds out “tire-kickers.” Don’t you get tired of people masquerading as business people only to wimp when adversity presents itself? Doesn’t it up set you as a direct seller to hear someone say “I don’t like selling?” Or they want to know, “how much does it cost?” Not how much will I earn if I invest in such in such. This business because of it’s price point for investing weeds out the pretenders and welcomes the serious business people, like minded leaders, that saves you time and makes you more money.

(7) Personal development, personal growth fosters a better YOU in that you will be acquiring the personal development programs for your self, you will be getting better as a person. Better as a business person.

(8) Do business from anywhere in the world. A lot of businesses will tell you this, but how many are serious? There are hotel meetings, home meetings, home parties, super Saturdays, StarbuckS, Ihop and Denny meetings. There is also the chore of driving all over town to collect and deliver product, (refunds) and endure no shows for company presentations. With this top-tier busines model, all you need is a laptop, a cell phone and some contact names and you are good to go. Many of our top earners travel the world with only these three things and they make a ton of money. Truly a mobile time freedom business. After all, didn’t you get in business for time freedom? This business allows it.