7 Wardrobe Tips to Help You Spring into Spring

7 Wardrobe Tips to Help You Spring into Spring

The period when the temperature is too low for shorts, summer clothes and too high for bulky, winter clothes can be somewhat confusing. You might have grown tired of all the layers, fur-lined jackets and coats that are basic staples of a winter wardrobe.

At the same time, you might not be quite ready to break out your dresses and skirts because of the cooler weather. While you can decide to shop for spring clothes during this period, there are ways by which you can transform your winter wardrobe into one that is suitable for spring.

The following tips will help you;

Layer light clothes instead of bulky ones

You can successfully turn your long-sleeved winter clothes into fitting spring wear, though the bulky jackets and thick fur-lined coats can be retired until the next winter season. You can pair light sweaters, turtlenecks or sweatshirts with a nice peacoat or trench coat.

You can complete this ensemble with wide-leg trousers, linen pants or jeans. Pairing your clothes this way will make you feel light while still keeping you warm.

Incorporate colour into your outfit

Most winter wears are characterized by dark and dull shades like blacks and greys. Therefore, adding a dash of colour to your outfit choices can help you feel like the cold and dreary days are over, even if temperatures are still low. Colour truly makes everything brighter and better

Bring out your dresses and skirts

You can get away with wearing a short gown or skirt if you wear them correctly. There are fashion pieces that can cover up the exposed skin such as tights, over-the-knee boots and leggings.

There is no limit to how creative you can get with pairing short clothes with long cover-ups. As long as you are comfortable, you are good to go.

Spruce up your underthings

It is typical for the cold weather to affect the choice of underclothes, with most women opting for thickness and full coverage.

Consider setting these selections aside and investing in light and soft options like french lingerie. The aim of doing this is to reduce the bulky layers and promote a feeling of lightness.

Ditch the snow boots

During the spring season, most of the snow has dissolved into slush and you usually no longer need your heavy snow boots. Now is the time for fashionable ankle boots, mules, flats and pumps. You can even get away with adding some stockings or knee-high socks for added insulation.

Accessorize your outfits

The right accessories can enhance your appearance any day, anytime. Pair your outfits with a light scarf, a purse, or some glasses. You can also add another dimension to your appearance with denim or leather jackets. These fashion items will bring more life to your outfits.

Dress appropriately for weddings

This period is going to be filled with a lot of weddings, and it is crucial to get your style choices right. Use the theme of the wedding, whether black-tie, festive or casual, to set the tone of your dressing.

Black-tie and formal weddings call for long or short cocktail and evening gowns. Festive parties call for more flirty and bold attires while casual affairs usually require a simple outfit. You can decide to hire a wedding stylist so as not to commit any fashion faux pas on someone else’s big day.

Your wardrobe does not necessarily have to undergo a total overhaul due to the change in season. Smart layering, colours, suitable accessories, and proper shoes can all contribute to a spring wardrobe that will have you receiving compliments all day long.