What’s 360 Hair Frontal Wig? This is Why You Must Have the One

What’s 360 Hair Frontal Wig? This is Why You Must Have the One


Among various lace wigs, 360 Hair Frontal wig is becoming popular among black YouTubers and fashion bloggers. The reason is the popularity the 360 hair frontal getting these days. You can install them and can go out with full confidence. Is not it amazing to party like a fashion icon at an affordable price?

But, do you know what the 360 hair frontal wig is. How it can give you a fantastic look, and how you can install it? And how many bundles you need to have a stylish look? This article will answer all your queries. So, are you ready to know about 360 hair frontal?

What is 360 Hair Frontal?

A 360 hair frontal is a frontal closure that can surround your head by 360.  The amazing thing is that the lace of 360 hair frontal wig will fit all around your head. It’s 2.5” in the back and 5” in front. Besides, a net is also present in the middle.

If you’re considering it a wig, you’re wrong. These are hair bundles. You can use these hair bundles to make a wig for yourself. At Ulahair, we pre-sewed the 360 bundles and frontal into lace wigs for your convenience. So, you can wear it easily.

Are you a fashion girl and love to style your hair in diverse ways? If yes, 360 lace frontal is just for you. You can make various designs using hair all around your head, not only the front hair.

Above all, you don’t have to buy a separate cap for this amazing lace wig. You can use it with any wig cap that’s 2” at the back and 4” at front.


Why Should You Buy a 360 Hair Frontal?

After knowing about the 360 hair frontal wig, you might be looking for the reason to buy these fantastic hair bundles. You might be thinking about what makes it different from the other lace wigs. So, here are the reasons that will definitely convince you to buy these fantastic hair frontal.

  • High Breathability:

The high coverage area of 360 hair frontal than other lace wigs make it highly ventilated. So, your scalp can breathe as it can breathe with natural hair. So, if you’re wearing a 360 hair frontal wig, your scalp will feel fresh.

  • High Quality:

The Ulahair use 100% virgin human hair to create this 360 hair frontal. We never use any chemical to process the raw material. This premium quality raw material and machine double weft are behind its durability.

Besides, you’ll find this lace frontal wig tangle free, soft, tight and clean. Above all, you’ll never face any issue like shedding in these lace frontals.

  • The Iintegrity:

The integrity of the 360 hair front makes it natural. No one will recognize that these are not your natural hair. The reason behind this unmatchable integrity is 360-degree closure. It will cover your head thoroughly. The fantastic thing is that there will not be a single connection. So, what can impress you besides integrity and a natural look?

  • Diverse Hairstyles:

Are you the one who can’t stay on a single hairstyle? Do you want to have a different hairstyle for each event? Well, you can’t help buying a 360 lace frontal wig.

I know it’s pretty difficult for you to accept this. But, it’s a reality that you can’t deny. Actually, you can part it from anywhere. Thus, it gives you the flexibility to style your hair in the way you want.

If you want a ponytail, you can easily do it with 360 lace frontal. Even you can style your hair in a high bun to have a perfect photo.

Here I have a pro tip for you: always choose 360 lace wigs that match the weave bundles’ curl pattern and hair texture. It’ll ensure you a flawless look.


  • Safe Secure:

Unlike other lace wigs, the 360 hair frontal doesn’t allow you to get embarrassed with its firm secure. It has adjustable clips and straps at the back and sides. Thus, you can secure it firmly to avoid fall off. As a result, you’ll get the most natural and nice-looking hair. To sum up, get ready to meet your friends without any fear.

  • Fewer hair bundles:

You need just two hair bundles to make 360 lace wigs from a 360 hair frontal wig. So, it would also be an affordable option for your beauty.

How To Wear 360 Frontal Closure Wig?

After reading this section, you would never find it challenging to install the 360 lace wigs. Let’s learn how to wear a 360 frontal closure wig step by step:

Step 1: First of all prepare the 360 lace frontal to install on your head. Following are some preparation step:

  • Plucks extra hair from the frontal hairline
  • Bleach the knots
  • Dye the lace to match it with your skin tone

Step 2: Now, wear the wig cap. If the wig cap is larger than your head, you can cut it.

Step 3: Ajust the pre-sewed 360 hair frontal wig by the Ula hair according to your comfort.

Step 4: Place the 360 hair frontal wig on your desired area along your hairline.

Step5: Cut the extra hairline lace with scissors. Now use any adhesive to secure the hair frontal in place.

Step6: Finally, your 360 frontal hair wig is in place. Now, you can style hair in diverse such as high ponytails.

Youtube video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mup0vl1e4E&t=154s

Where To Buy The Best 360 hair Frontal lace wigs?

So, have you decided to buy the 360 hair frontal? If yes, you might be looking for a place to buy 360 hair frontal. Well, you will find several 360 lace wigs’ selling brands in the market. But, if you purchase from ulahair.com, it’ll worth your money.

All of our wigs are made of 100% virgin human hair. And we don’t use any chemical to process these virgin human hair. As a result, we’re successful in providing you with durable and natural-looking lace wigs. We guarantee you; you will never regret buying from us.

Above all, you’ll get your favourite 360 lace frontal wig at a very reasonable price.

If you have any query about our lace wigs just contact us at “ulahair.com.” Our experts will answer all your questions as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts….!!!!

So, a 360 hair frontal wig is the most breathable wig that can cover your whole head. If you’re wearing a 360 frontal lace wig, it means you’re free to make any hairstyle. Finally, you have no reason that could resist you buying a 360 hair front wig. Just click here  to find the best 360 frontal hair wigs for you and Use Coupon Code: BL10 to save $10 cash