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Get Beach Ready with These Nordic Beach Body Wraps

Get Beach Ready with These Nordic Beach Body Wraps

It’s summer already and a long day at the beach is all everyone needs at this moment. For all that is going on in the world, every individual needs a vacation and that’s what everyone deserves. This year, do not invest in beach towels or the cozy comforter just for one long day at the beach. Because there is a better option  and that is, nordic beach body wrap. Just as the name suggests they are surely body wraps but what isn’t mentioned is that they can be used at any time with any type of weather, whether cold or hot. Below are all the details one will need, to be entirely convinced of this fact that this wrap is a must in the wardrobe.

What Are These

Nordic beach body wraps are warm and comfortable wraps that can be used at any time of the year. It is all one needs on a wintery evening and during the sunset at a beach. These are soft shrug-like wraps that have sleeves and a hood. The best part of this wrap is that it has pockets, and who in the world does not like things with pockets? It is made in a way that it fits all body sizes. It also has cuffs on the sleeves that makes it easy to take on and off helping it from not falling off the shoulders. One does not have to worry about the size as it only comes in general size and fits all.

How Did It Come into Making?

The history behind this epic creation is a good one. The creator was once visiting a beach and there the person saw how the hot summer day turned into cold quickly just after the sun had set. There a woman wrapped a comforter as soon as this change was noticed. The creator of nordic beach body wraps then had a vision about these wraps which would comfort people on days like those.

How to Get One of These and from Where?

There are various ways through which it can be purchased like online stores, social media, offline stores, and e-commerce websites. All that needs to be done is visit a store where color varieties and different sizes are present. An individual can try different colors and therefore select one of the best out of them. Another way is purchasing through an online website or stores where prices may vary and they can get a cheap product similar to the offline stores. This kind of product is easily available in the market where people can purchase unique and comfortable nordic beach body wrap. These products are also available in quality boutiques especially those located in the east coast. There are various sites through which one can order them but the best option would be to go to the original Nordic Beach online site to place an order.

How to Wash Them?

Please use a small amount of water to wash the Nordic beach body wrap. It is best to wash it in cold water and on a gentle cycle with just a small amount of mild liquid detergent. Remove it from the washer when the cycle is over. It will appear matted, but if shaken out from both ends, it will quickly be fluffing back up. Allow to air dry for about half an hour before placing it in a low-heat dryer to finish drying. The dryer would also aid in the restoration of fluff. Please, however, hold the heat at a low temperature. In short, Separately machine wash at a cool temperature on the delicate cycle, and air dry! Shake to fluff or tumble dry on low heat for 30 seconds.

Product Details

Fluffy Frappe is one of the most common and original colors. This is a classic!!! Featuring the signature soft and fluffy cotton candy fabric that will keep an individual comfortable and cozy wherever the journey takes! When it comes to vacations, Nordic Beach is ideal. It’s made of the signature cotton candy fabric, which is soft and fluffy. The super-soft micro-poly is also very easy to clean.

The other colors that one can find online are grey, which is the most common color in any outfit. It is a timeless color which is loved by people of all age group. Colors like pink, blue, nordic snow, yellow, and navy blue are other options one can look out for.

How Can It Be Styled?

Markus Bender, who created this beach wrap had mentioned that it is a versatile jacket which can be worn in any type of event. Whether one wears a skirt or jeans under it, this wrap would go perfectly with both. One thing that is assured is that if an individual has a Nordic beach wrap, they would not have to worry about the changing weather as it is lightweight and comfortable at the same time.

Why The Name Nordic Beach?

Markus Bender wanted to go for a name that would reflect warmth and make you think about something chilly and cold. And since the beach gave Markus Bender the idea of creating it, the name Nordic beach was finalized.

The Benefits of One Size

The main focus for the creator was to make something that is comfortable and cozy, so whether the buyer is short or tall, they don’t need to worry about the size. It is the best choice that is made by them as the sizes that would fit you will never be out of stock as there is only one size available. This benefit also works for when someone is looking forward to gifting this body wrap to their friends as they wouldn’t have to worry about the size.


Investing in such kind of clothes would never make one regret about their decisions as never has anything so versatile been made until now. Not only does this wrap help in all types of weather it can be styled in different ways.

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