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Cocktail Dresses Look Book

Cocktail Dresses Look Book


A cocktail dress is meant to make you feel at ease while selecting any outfit for your parties. They are trending since the 50s and still are counted in the latest fashion clothing. Cocktail dresses are perfect for every season like lace cocktail dresses, backless, or cutouts are a very suitable choice for any summer occasion. Knitted cocktail dresses or any other paired with a fancy jacket or coat shoes or long boots give you a composed yet classy look. While animal printed cocktail dresses are the finest choice for the fall season. When paired with exact matching jewelry and shoes gives you a composed look. Sleek hairstyles and minimal or nude makeup also add definition to your look. Update your wardrobe with some cocktail dresses and you will never go wrong with the latest trend.

Here is a complete guideline for you based on different types of cocktail dresses:

Bandage Cocktail Dress

A bandage cocktail dress is named due to its bandage-like fitting features and color grading. The colors of the dress are according to the grading that gradually becomes intense of fades away. They are perfect for hourglass figures as they define and enhance every feature of the body. The name represents the multiple layers of the material or layers of colors that make up the dress and give it a composed and distant look. It can even hide little bulging parts of the body and give you a smart and silhouette look.

Knitted Cocktail Dresses

They are the perfect fit for your winter parties. You can never go wrong with a Knitted cocktail paired with long boots or high heel pumps. For a more precise look according to the season, go for long-sleeve cocktail dresses in winters. You can also wear a flared muffler or a crop top cape-sleeved jacket. Leather jackets are also a good match to give a classy and modern look. See-through leggings or tights can also be styled with knitted cocktail dresses.

Lace Cocktail Dresses

Are you feeling stress in planning a classy yet simple outfit for your evening parties or as a wedding guest? Well, make a heart-throbbing entrance with lace cocktail dresses. They provide you a fancy look without feeling overdressed. A good pastel-colored or simple white lace dress is always preferred for daytime weddings or other parties. A dark-colored dress like black, blue, or red is good for night events. You can style them with pearl or stone jewelry and with some fancy shoes.

Backless Cocktail Dresses

If you like to flaunt your back or go with a bold look, backless cocktail dresses are for you girl. To feel more comfortable knowing that it will not fall off or come off at any cost, it’s better to choose those with cape sleeves. They fix the upper body parts very well so you can enjoy the event without even worrying. They also let you show your back contouring and give you a finished and modern look. You can wear bright lipstick if you want a bold look. Smokey eyes or foxy eyes and sleek hairstyle are perfect for any formal event.

Sequin Cocktail Dresses

A sequin cocktail dress gives you a shiny and glittery look. Embellishments or glittery chunks are perfect for amping things up. They are always the first choice for events like bridal showers, or bridesmaid dresses. They can be paired with fine and delicate jewelry pieces. A subtle and minimal makeup look enhances your charm for daytime events. You can choose light and fresh colors for the daytime. Black, silver, or bright red are good for a night function. Sequin cocktail dress with a little flare at the bottom or when paired up with long gloves give a perfect look for prom parties. Sleeveless, off-shoulder, cape sleeves, backless, and asymmetrical sequin dresses are available. You can select any of the designs according to the event and your body type.

Embellished Cocktail Dresses

Update your wardrobe with the latest and trendy embellished cocktail dresses. They come in different styles and fabrics. A fancy lace at the bottom makes it a fall gown and is also best for long and slender body-shaped girls. A little embellishment at the upper part provides a fancy yet classy look. Sometimes a pearl or diamond work on the top is best for office parties or a classy event. They come in silk, satin, and even jersey material which perfectly on any body shape and size and lets you flaunt your assets with an elegant and decent look.

Cutouts Cocktail Dresses

Cutout cocktail dresses are in since the 30s and can never get old. They are not for every day but a glamorous and fancy look. It can be a side cutout, back cutout, or front cutout. Side cutouts are one of the most popular ways to nail this trend. The sizes vary from small cutouts to large ones or full side panels. Front cutouts are designed to show off your waist area or sometimes it can be high waist cutouts. Some front cutouts give the illusion of separates. If you are not comfortable in showing off your waistline, you can go for back cutouts which are not backless but have small cutouts.

One-Shoulder Cocktail Dresses

One-shoulder dresses are perfect for ladies who have an hourglass figure or are curvy. They highlight the beautiful contouring and curves and add definition to them. You can style them with a sleek ponytail or an updo hairstyle. If you want open hair, you should make them fall on the sleeve side to keep the look asymmetrical. You choose a full-sleeved dress or just a single strap at one side whatever you feel comfortable in.

Animal Printed Cocktail Dresses

The animal printed cocktail dress is a clothing and fashion style in which the fabric is imprinted with the design of an animal’s skin or fur. The most trending ones include cheetah, leopard, jaguar, zebra, and tiger. These fierce prints are very popular nowadays. Leopard and cheetah print is styled mostly. They come in different colors but dark yellow, brown, and black ones are the most popular. A Smokey eye look or a simple nude makeup is always a fabulous choice. Simple heels and flat shoes are preferred over fancy or glittery ones.

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