Baguette Cut Diamonds Becoming Popular

Baguette Cut Diamonds Becoming Popular

While there are many different cuts of diamonds to choose from when buying vintage diamond rings and antique engagement rings, everyone has their personal favourites. And, whether you like round cuts, princess cuts or oval cut diamonds, they are all just as beautiful and they hold their value quite well.

With that being said, there is one particular cut that is growing in popularity and we see it quite frequently in the vintage diamond ring industry. It’s called the baguette cut diamond and, according to diamond experts, the baguette cut diamond is making a comeback.

That’s right, the baguette cut diamond is back and, not only can it be found in both vintage diamond rings and antique engagement rings, but it is inspiring individual designers and jewellery houses to create everything from minimalistic pieces, to more extravagant jewellery designs. This is very exciting news for fans of the Art Deco movement, where baguette’s saw great popularity in the 1920s. Just as with the growing towards more and more couples shopping for antique engagement rings, what’s old is new again!

The Art Deco Movement

The Art Deco movement (c.1920s-1930s) created a wide range of streamlined and geometric, architectural pieces. The idea was to design something totally different from what the previous Art Nouveau and Belle Époque periods offered with their frilly and ornate styles. The bold, strong shape of the baguette cut diamond was a big part of the Deco design ethos, and you can still see it being used in modern jewellery created during the latter half of the 20th century.

Baguette Cut Diamond Settings

The baguette cut diamond’s unique shape has made it a popular choice for anyone who loves antique and retro jewellery. You can find baguette cut diamonds set parallel in wedding bands or antique engagement rings adorned with baguette accents.

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