So I feel like I owe it to my users to give an update on the status of CWiid for now and expected activity over the coming months. There has been the occasional question about whether the site is still active, whether development is still active, etc. The answer for now, is that both are semi-active. I still monitor the activity here on an almost-daily basis (the RSS feed is on my home page), and respond to issues that I have any intelligent input on. However, I'm a man of many interests (probably too many), and CWiid is no longer number 1. While there have been a few contributors, no one has really stepped up with the long-term contributions required of an admin (nickishappy has come closest to filling this role, Nick if you have the time and want the responsibility, just let me know). Such are the breaks of open-source software.

To the folks who have contributed patches that are still lingering in the ticket system, including fitness and guitar extensions, and improvements to the IR tracking: I owe it to you to test these patches and commit the ones that are good. However, I don't own the extensions (for the record, I've never owned a Wii, either) - if anyone can test these patches and report back, their authors and I would appreciate it. I'll test the IR tracking when I get a chance, but again, this isn't a top priority for me right now.

On the plus side, the Wii Motion Plus should be coming out soon - my interests in the Wiimote have more to do with data collection and motion tracking than gaming, and this extension promises to provide some incredible abilities in those areas. I'm looking forward to cleaning up some of the outstanding tickets and issues while adding support for this extension when it comes out this Spring.

Donnie Smith
CWiid Pater Familias

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