This site is again active. User accounts have been cleared, and registration is now open.

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    • 2/9/2010
      • After moving to a  RimuHosting VPS and being extremely happy with the service, I'm giving Trac another go. Please be patient as I work with the SpamFilter? plugin to try to reduce the level of spamming here, and if you get any false positives, let me know at donnie.smith@…. I'm also working on a way to keep GitHub? going in parallel with Trac, as it is my preferred way of receiving patches, and the guys that have forked CWiiD at GitHub? have produced some excellent code (and I'm also going to do a better job of making sure that cherry-picked commits contain the real author's name in the future, apologies if I left your name out of the recent crop). On the technical front, I've got syncing working under Linux with BlueZ 4, and will post details over the next couple of days.
    • 9/29/2009
      • I've decided to move development to GitHub?, and maintaining my own site just isn't worth the time anymore. Trac's a better product, but I'm a developer, not a site admin, and GitHub? is good enough. See you there. Note: I plan to keep this site up, although read-only, for reference.
    • 6/17/2009
    • 6/15/2009
      • As promised, the Motion Plus is out, and I'm actively working on CWiid again. Many outstanding tickets have been fixed and/or replied to, and I hope to continue resolving outstanding tickets as I add Motion Plus support.
    • 1/11/2009
      • Check out Update2009 for an update on the current status of CWiid.
    • 3/3/2008
      • Just upgraded the Trac installation - hopefully this will cure the perpetually down forums.
    • 11/05/2007
      • Sorry to have to do it, but all anonymous write privileges have been revoked. What little time I have to spend on CWiid this semester has been squandered on trying to fight the spam. Eventually, I suppose the bots will learn how to register, and I'll have to start manually approving accounts, as well.
    • 08/26/2007
      • CWiid 0.6.00 released, portage overlay updated
    • 08/14/2007
      • CWiid 0.6.00_rc3 released - added wminput daemon mode, Python configure options. Barring bugs, this should be the last rc before version 0.6.00.
    • 07/09/2007
      • Anonymous ticket comments are temporarily suspended until I can set up a solution to the spam problem. Apologies for the inconvenience.
    • 06/29/2007
      • CWiid 0.6.00_rc2 released - fixed the version string.
    • 06/28/2007
      • CWiid 0.6.00_rc1 released - much improved IR tracker, libwiimote renamed to libcwiid to avoid naming conflicts, libcwiid rewrite, Python interface, Python plugins.
    • 06/17/2007
      • Done awhile ago, just realized it wasn't posted here: all current changes (python stuff, mainly) has been merged into /trunk.
    • 06/03/2007
      • Although it's not yet installed anywhere, has been committed in the interest of publishing an example of a working python plugin. Download it to ~/.cwiid/plugins, run wminput, and hack away. Suggestions on data types and interface are welcome at Python Support.
    • 06/01/2007
      • I've rolled Python extensions into the tree, and got most of wminput Python plugins implemented, although not yet debugged. In order to keep trunk in working order, I'll be working out of /branches/dev.
    • 05/15/2007
      • The Python extension is coming along well - test it out, report any suggestions or errors. Thanks to Justin Tulloss.
    • 04/23/2007
      • CWiid 0.5.03 released - a few bugfixes, clean disconnect handling, infinite wminput connection wait, and lswm utility. The main purpose of this release is to publish some fixes and features before we move to a rewritten (and renamed) library, and start developing some other features (namely Python support) that might take a little time. Anyone doing development with CWiid should be using subversion sources, as the head has already deviated significantly from this release.
    • 04/15/2007
      • I'm pushing cwiid-0.5.03 back a few days to see if we can resolve #9 and #31 first.
    • 04/10/2007
      • libwiimote has been renamed libcwiid. Read this for details and a script that will (mostly) automate the process of updating your source. Note that this change is currently only in the subversion repository, and that the planned release of CWiid 0.5.03 this weekend will not include the name change.
    • 04/04/2007
    • 03/30/2007
      • The forums are back up, and ticket e-mail notification has been enabled. Note that you must add your user name or email to the cc field even if you are the reporter or owner. This is so that people who monitor site events using Timeline RSS feeds (like myself) don't get duplicate notifications.
    • 03/21/2007
      • I've been looking for awhile for a way to map Wiimote buttons to modifier keys (ctrl, shift, alt, etc), and finally stumbled on it. xmodmap, the same utility that maps key codes to key symbols can also map key symbols to modifiers. Details are now in wminput/README. I'll elaborate on the whole key mapping process in the wiki in the near future.
    • 03/19/2007
      • CWiid 0.5.02 released - mostly bugfixes, (Gentoo /usr/local/include issue, some configure bugs for packages maintainers), some code and comment updates.
    • 02/28/2007
      • CWiid 0.5.01 released
    • 02/27/2007
      • Trac site deployed

This is the development tracking site for CWiid, a collection of Linux tools written in C for interfacing to the Nintendo Wiimote.

The repository is currently available at  GitHub.

See and for information about the Wiimote and other drivers.


Download the most recent version of CWiid. Older versions.

Use Trac to browse the Bleeding Edge sources. To compile sources from svn, you'll need to run autoreconf to generate the configure script. Look here for information on cross compiling.

Take a look at ConfigScriptEtc for various utilities and configurations that aren't in the distribution.

Distribution Packages





CWiid includes the following components:

event/mouse/joystick driver with plugin architecture
GUI/control panel
test/demo application